Saab Sales: Numbers Game

I received an email this morning that highlighted some more sales numbers.  This time from Europe’s biggest single market and the heart of "the enemy".  The raw numbers themselves are very disappointing in a way, but they do highlight the potential for huge growth in the German market.

Saab’s 9-3 sold 238 units in Gemany in February.  The 9-5 sold just 82 units.  These numbers, as low as they are, actually represented reasonable growth albeit from a pretty small base.  The 9-3 is up 26% this year and the 9-5 is up 18% for the year.

Saab added 40 new dealers in Europe in 2005 and are looking to expand that number in 2006, according to Automotive News Europe.  They are aiming at doubling German sales over the next three years.

Saab sales in Europe are up 37.5% for the year so far (see SaabKen’s SC post here).  If I recall correctly, they sold around 138,000 cars around the globe in 2005.  Imagine if Saab could apply that 37.5% growth rate globally over the whole 12 months: they’d be looking at sales in 2006 of around 189,000 units, which is very close to that magic 200,000 figure.  A 20% lift globally would still result in a very respectable (profitable?) 165,600 units moved.

It’s amazing what the right product can do, huh?  Biopower is moving well in Sweden.  The 1.9 TiD engine is a hit in Europe and the SportCombi seems to be pretty well accepted everywhere.  Add in some heightened interest from the Aero-X in the US next month and here’s hoping that sustainable growth is achieved.

So Saab, Go!!

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  1. Hi Swade,

    First and foremost, thanks for your continued enthusisam on this blog. It makes for a very entertaining read.

    Good luck with the move; that’s always a fairly painful process (hopefully, you can take advantage of it to make extra room for Saabs and Saab parts) – hopefully the wife is not reading this πŸ™‚

    You must be looking at those sales number, almost as hard as the executive team in Sweden.

    A selfish note, as I am doing my little bit: I returned my leased 2003 9-3SS Linear and took delivery (a purchase this time) of a new 9-3 SC tonight (daytime in Australia of course) from GM Canada.

    Dark blue, only option is the sunroof. Wonderful machine, great feeling to have a new Saab.

    Can’t wait to take the wife and the three kids for a spin, on a warm spring night (which is still a few weeks out here in Canada).

    I waited a little more than 3 months for the car (apparently Canada is low on the priority list), so this was a special evening.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Congratulations on the new purchase, FB. What part of Canada? My inlaws all live in BC. Can’t wait to get back there.

    If you’re in that area, there’s also the Saab Club of Western Canada to check out. I can put you in touch if need be.

    Cheers. And enjoy the new Combi. Just saw my first one last week and they are truly sensational.

  3. I just love the new 9-3SC but am not in a position to lease one just yet. One day I will! FB our Vancouver Saab dealer has a ton of 9-3SCs in stock according to their website, I might just head down there on my five days of for a bit if a sniff round.

    Swade, we dont want Saab expanding too quickly as you can be certain that quality will definitely suffer. You just have to take a look at Mercs and to a certain extent Volvos over the last five years, the Merc in particular have the fakest looking real wood and the interior plastics arent even up to VW standard.

  4. Good luck with the move Swade, hope it goes well.
    Meanwhile I’m off to my dealer this morning to finalise the deal on my next car. It’s another 9-5 aero estate (despite the test drive of the 9-SC 2.8 V6) and this time it’s the dealers Hirsch ex demo car, with almost every option known to man except for Sat Nav which I didn’t want anyway!
    It does however have the Hirsch dual exhaust- hurrah.
    It feels like Christmas Eve which our snow fall yesterday has only enhanced!
    I’ll try and get pictures to you if you like?

  5. Saw a beautiful black 9-5 Wagon tonight on the walk home. Aero. Magnificent.

    Congratulations on your new one, Ian. Would just about donate my left testy for a hirsch.

    Photos welcome.

  6. Ok, will do, but probably next week, as I have a busy weekend of child taxi-ing duties about to unfold.
    PT, thanks for your few kind words.
    Is there a best format to send photos in?

  7. Driving thru DE in 03, noticed that Saab dealers typically had only fair locations off the “main drag” not in their competitions faces, sometimes stuck in obscure industrial parks. And rarely hooked with Opel. Hopefully the situ has/will improve as 238 out of 100? dealers is brutal. And reminding that a huge percentage of content is german wouldn’t hurt.

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