Saturday morning snippets

If you haven’t tuned in for over 12 hours, skip this post and scroll down to the one below – Aero-X wins "best in show" at Geneva. 


More home-selling activities for us today.  What a drag!  But hopefully I’ll also manage to slip down to our local Saab guy and steal the first 9-3 SportCombi to arrive here in Tassie.  Being a long weekend here, I’m hoping he won’t need it again until, say, Tuesday!!

I went and had a look at it yesterday and it’s magnificent.  I’d go so far as to say that it’s the car that could be saving Saab in the current GM-Kerkorian-York climate.


If I get time, I’m going to post pictures of the cars nominated a few days ago as "beautiful" Japanese designs that have stood the test of time.  It’s my theory that almost no Japanese designs look fresh after three years and very, very few have achieved timelessness.


Hendrik, fast becoming the sales king around these parts, has informed via comments that sales in Estonia were up 75% in February.  Way to go Estonia!  You rock!! 

Feb 2005: 8 units

Feb 2006: 14 units 


If you happen to live in the Minneapolis – St Paul area then not only do you get to see the T-Wolves, listen to Prince and have Greg as your lawyer, you also get to look out for the new e85 gas stations coming up thanks to Verasun and GM (part of their Go Yellow thing).  Two pumps are up and running there now and 10 more to come soon.  Now if only there were Saabs there that could run on it….


And finally, this is the 800th article here at Trollhattan.  Woohoo!! 

And thanks to Zippy, who overnight posted the 3000th comment here.  Woohoo!!

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  1. Uh, thanks for the promo, Swade! But I doubt my professional services rank in the top 10 (or 1000) attractions for Minneapolis/St. Paul.

    And, sadly, neither do the T’wolves given their play of late.

    But there are a ton of E85 stations in Minnesota, more in the rural areas. I was driving back from a court hearing in NW Minnesota in January and almost put E85 by mistake into my 9-5.

    Didn’t I read something somewhere about an E85 conversion kit for the 9-5 LPT’s (at, maybe)? Now that would be cool!

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