The house.  Not the car(s).

We move in a month.  I can finally garage the Viggen and get a dog. (American Cocker Spaniel if anyone cares.  Her name will be Henry) 


There’s a picture of our new view here.  Luckily Hobart is surrounded by hills, so getting a decent view is pretty easy.

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  1. Cheers folks.

    Unfortunately Ken there won’t be much additional garage space. Actually there’s probably less so I’ll have to build a workshop over the next 18 months.

    This new place will be a long term proposition though. So I’m sure some earthmoving could be arranged if the right vehicle came along.

    Joe, we were really pleased too. We had 60 days to sell and managed to do it in about 28 or 29. We had heaps of people through over the first three weeks with no bites at all. Then we had one family through on Wednesday and they bought it on Thursday!! Quality over quantity.

  2. Ken, I remember seeing some very high prices over there. I guess it depends on the area.

    DJ lives in PoCo, which is where we’d probably go if we were to do the big move. Two branches of the family are in Maple Ridge and one right out at Chilliwack. They’ve just sold, actually, but it took them about 2.5 months. Guess ‘the wack’ ain’t got as much demand as the burbs closer to downtown.

    The wife’s parents used to live on Mountain Highway in North Van and they sold there 10 yrs ago and moved to Maple Ridge. Nice place, but I think they have the twinge of regret. Having seen the old area, I think I would too.

  3. Congrats Swade! I see a Viggen and then a 9-5? I knew you liked the 9-5 when you drove it, but I didn’t know you bought one. Haha, am I missing something?

  4. Congratulations. We are in the midst of the exact same thing here (slightly more complicated by the 15 inches of snow we’ve gotten in the last three days).

    Minneapolis is not as hot as Vancouver, but it’s doing pretty good. Our house sold in less than 24 hours, for the asking price. We priced it right, and did a good job of prepping it for sale.

    We close on the new house tomorrow, and on the sale of the old house Mar. 31.

    It’s a lot of work. I can’t imagine taking the time to blog in the middle of all this.

  5. Congratulations!

    Now comes the real fun: packing up your stuff and moving!

    I’ll be helping you in spirit. Rest assured.

  6. Nice work swade – particularly on the turn-around time.

    As for the pooch – well, each to their own. We have a four year old whippet bitch who is the most amazing dog I have every known. Whippets were on our short list when thinking about a dog becuase they have a very even temper & are good with kids. Found Tilly at a pound and she fitted in right from the start. Intelligent, affectionate, obedient, quiet, clean and of course, runs like stink. Hilarious to watch other dogs trying to keep up with her down at the beach. A great dog to consider if you haven’t made your mind up yet. Although it sounds like you’re pretty convinced.

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