SOTW Calendar – March 2006

OK, OK!!

I know the SOTW rules are that it’s supposed to be a car belonging to a reader.  A car we can all relate to as we own one just like it. Or we know someone who does. 

But how could I resist doing the Aero-X as the Saab O The Week calendar for March?


There’s two sizes available, the 1024 x 768 size and the 800 x 600 size.  Click on the appropriate link then do your copy thing from there.


Previous SOTW calendars are available from the following links:

January 2006 – 9-3 Viggen, Sweden

February 2006 – 9-5 Sedan, Portugal

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  1. Well who could blame you for putting i in the SOTW wallpaper. Look at it. How can someone not fall in love with it? It is just beautifull.

  2. Thanks, SWade; real nice. And BTW, I now see what you mean about the headlights being great looking. This design better integrates the SAAB 3-piece grille than the new 9-5 front. Interesting that, unlike the 9-5, none of your posters have complained about “loss” of the 3-piece set up.

  3. You’re the webmaster, you can put anything up as the SOTW.

    Coincidentally this is the exact same shot I used for my new wallpapers for my home notebook and desktop PCs and office PC Guess we both have good taste 😀

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