Swedish sales data – February 2006

Good news for Swedish sales too.  Saab still has some way to go to catch Volvo’s V70 and V50, which came in at 1 and 2 for February, but growth continues in the Swedish market.  Saab models come in at 3 and 4 on the list.

Saab sold 1,722 units in Sweden in February 2006, a rise of 358 units (26%) over February 2005.  The sales were broken down as follows:

9-3: 882 units sold (506 in 2005)

9-5: 840 units sold (858 in 2005)

As you can see, the 9-5 was basically steady and the big rise is solely attributable to sales growth in the 9-3 (perhaps this is the SportCombi effect that I expected to see in the US).

Thanks to Hakan for the info, available here (pdf) and congratulations also to Saab of Sweden. 

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  1. And now we really really want to know about the Britts!

    (And Hakan is also known as vector220).
    Sorry about me not introducing myself in my mail Swade. Had almost no time for next meeting and just wanted to drop you the stats.

  2. The article says that the record sale is in Europe. And that almost every market in Europe was improved.
    Markets named as very good is: Italy, Spain, Schweiz and Sweden.
    I´m still waiting for the Britts…:-)

  3. what is wrong with you people, im only 12 but ive got better tastes than alot of you, how can you choose the 9x over ther the aero x? Ok some people dont like muscle cars but this is something you have to like, its amazing compared to the 9x which looks like a ford focus, but what im saying is that the aero x is like a aston martin compared with the 9x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone now has to Praise the Aero x because it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The numbers from the UK came as predicted the 6:th


    Year to date
    UK total market: down 9.75%
    Saab: Up 6.29%

    Feb 2006
    UK total: down 1.42%
    Saab: Up 14.17%

    And now, the really fun part:
    Volvo market share year to date: 1.07%
    Saab market share year to date: 1.06%

    Volvo market share feb 2006: 0.90%
    Saab market share feb 2006:1.09%

    Damn! this is good!

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