The Way We Were…..

Memories….light the corners of my mind….

Another video here from Google, originally featured at Lots of Saab imagery from 1989, right before the sale of 50% to GM. Obviously the Saab-Scania board, or Investor AB, or the Wallenbergs, or whoever else had a say at the time didn’t dig the video too much.

Worth watching just for the final 15 or so seconds. I promise.

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  1. You’re right, the last 15 seconds were awesome. I wish I had a wallpaper of that scene. The music was pretty cool too.

  2. Nice one. Really a shame in many ways that the group was broken up into its current parts. Also reminds me that the ultimate saab is probably a plane. Never mind having extra garage space, how about having a hanger?

  3. Only hangers at our place have coats on ’em. Either that or they’re sneaking their way out from my nose after a particularly vicious sneeze.

    That final sequence is just brilliant.

  4. Congratulations for this videos! I’m an enthusiast of Saab and I follow all related about the trade.
    Best wishes from Barcelona.

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