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Been having some site problems the last few days.  A few gremlins throwing spanners among the widgets.  Should all be fixed now.  Bloody gremlins!


My Viggen actually sighed with relief yesterday.  The last few weeks have been totally absorbed with house-selling and all the DYI that goes along with it.  Yesterday I finally go around to breaking out the Meguiars products and cleaning the poor car.  Geez it looks nice again. 

All we need now is for someone to buy our place so we can move into the new place and I can have the car under cover all the time.  It’ll make so much of a difference.


Hot on the heels of their 9-3 ‘vert test, Autoblog now have a new 9-5 in their garage for a week.  Entry no. 1 is mainly concerned with the new exterior styling of the car.  Interestingly, the reviewer seems to be a bit of a Saabisti himself, so the review should be interesting to follow.

He gives some credit to the boldness of the new front styling, but doesn’t seem too keen on the rear.  Not surprising really.  If there’s one thing this car has achieved already, it’s a division of opinion.  I seem to grow more partial to it every time I see it.  The big tester will be seeing it in person, which I’ve been unable to do as Tasmania will be one of the last places in Saab’s world to see one (we just got our first SportCombi last week!!)

Thanks Ken for the tip off.


Here’s a scary stat I heard last week, one that may make the ethanol and Bio-D arguments all the more relevant. 

At present, there’s around 800 million cars on the world’s roads.  If China continues its present rate of economic growth AND adopts similar middle-class vehicle-buying habits (around three cars for every four registered drivers) then in around 20 – 30 years time there will possibly be up to 1.1 billion cars……in China alone.

I’d hate to imagine the scenario when you add India into the mix.

I think we better enjoy our dino-juice vehicles whilst we’ve still got the resources to run them.

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  1. Today started the autoshow here in Belgrade.
    I saw Saab 9-5 today. It is very good from the inside, much better than it is in the pictures. I’m still trying to adopt that front facia but it looks fresh becouse the old front is with us for quite some time now. and the seets, oh my god, it is something divine.
    I saw the 9-7x also and I must say that it looks impressive, very impressive, both on the outside and on the inside. I can’t say how much it is Saab, but it stands out from the crowd. In a good way.
    There were also the 9-3, 9-3 cabrio and 9-3 sportcombi so Saab is very well presented in my country this year and I must say that I’m very happy becouse of it :))).

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