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Wow, just when I’m getting on a roll, another work trip, meaning more sporadic blogging for the next 4 days. As always, comments or email are open for discussion and any news tips.


At considerable risk of starting some sort of link spiral, Channel 4 is quoting TrollhattanSaab with regard to the upcoming hybrid concept, and then going a step further to predict that the first we’ll see of it in production terms is the 9-2 smaller Saab in 2010.

Makes sense, but given that all the testing is being done in 9-3’s at the moment, I’ll wait for Thursday’s press releases.

(and it was no real risk of a link spiral. A – they spelt the blog’s name incorrectly, and B – they didn’t actually do the right thing and include a link – bastards!!)


From the Detroit Free Press, vai Autoblog, there’s an interesting article about the renewed push for plug-in hybrids. Some may remember that when hybrids first came out, there was some apprehension from consumers about having to remember to plug them in etc etc. Car companies had to do a lot of re-education (i.e. spend bucketloads of money) in order to reassure people that this wasn’t the case – the car’s batteries recharge off the motor and the brakes.

Now there’s people, including US Senators, calling for plug-ins to emerge. Backers say that triple-figure mileage is more than possible.

I suppose it’s interesting given that Saab will be introducing it’s proposed hybrid drivetrain later this week. I also received an email from an environmentalist in Sweden yesterday, hoping that the Saab concept would be a plug-in.

We’ll wait and see.


From hybrids to juice-drinking big things…..

I’m pleased to see that Trollhattan has received it’s first comment (that I know of) from a 9-7x owner. I’m pleased as punch. And Ray seems to feel exactly the same way with his 9-7x.

I wanted a vehicle that was versatile, comfortable, safe in bad weather and handled well. I considered the 9-3 Sport Combi, but thought it offered less for almost the same price. And I didn’t want to look at the exact same dashboard for the next three years [SW: he owned a 9-3 Arc and has been a Saab owner for 6 years]

The 9-7x expands the Saab line to a new category and needs no apologists. There’s enough Saab character in there to make a Saab-lover that wants an SUV happy. Mission accomplished.

I think Saab mentioned things about people leaving the Saab brand to buy an SUV etc etc when they bought the vehicle to market. Mission accomplished indeed.

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  1. Don´t get angry with channel4…They can´t help it. It´s bad as it is for them just to know that the tv- and radio news are way behind you when coming to news of this kind Swade!

  2. Hi!

    I just read the article from channel 4. In it they are still talking about E85 as the prefered fuel for the hybrid 9-3 cab that will show in stockholm this week. According to the press in Sweden it will not run on E85 but on E100. If thats the case it will bring the output of carbon dioxide to zero.

  3. “hoping that the Saab concept would be a plug-in.”

    Looking year old pic of Saab’s hybrid its very clear that it has plug-in.

    It also makes very much sense to have one if electricity is clean.

  4. Unless I’m missing something here, there is no point to a plug-in car unless you are drawing power from a non-coal generator source. Car emissions are a problem on one level, electricity production is a whole ‘nother level.

    Or has this been somehow factored in?
    Still hard to go past ethanol I reckon.

  5. Yes, electricity from coal or oil would be a drawback to the plugin car but how much energy does it take to make ethanol from wood or corn or whatever the origin is? A plugin car would eliminate that refinement process…

  6. Still don’t buy the argument that a pulg -in eliminates anything apart from emissions.

    Assuming for a second that the energy expended in creating the ethanol is the same as the energy in equivalent to the energy required for a plug in. You are still expending engergy. The ethanol has a zero sum emission anyway. More on this later.

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