V8 Saab 900?

You really can learn something new everyday. 

I’d never heard of this.  A Saab project back in the 1980’s to build a V8, which looks to my (very) untrained eye quite a lot like two I-4’s going Siamese style.  The engines were prototypes built by a Finnish company called Sisudiesel.

Apparently the project was dumped when GM bought into the company as Saab gained access to a V6 engine.  According to the source website (Raimo’s Saab page), the engine is now on display at the manufacturing company’s museum in Finland.

What would the purist’s have said?!?! 

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  1. Transverse or longitudinal mounting, I wonder?

    Very cool, though. I wish they had made it. Perhaps it would have forced Saab to strengthen their transmissions to handle the power, much to the benefit of those of us who own classic 900 turbo’s.

  2. Actually the engine was going to be mounted in the 9000, but when GM entered the game, this project was laid down (GM had it’s own engines). The same museum has a working prototype of Saab 9000 with that engine, but the hood is down (at least when I visited it in Feb -06). Other prototypes on display: 9000 convertible, OG 900 limousine, and around 20cm longer 9000. All made in Finland

  3. Here are some private pics from that museum. (http://www.jakari.net/automuseo/) The museum is located in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Where the Finnish “Saab” Factory is located as well. Today they are manufacturing Porsches there. One interesting fact: The Saab convertibles have never been manufactured in Sweden. From 1986 to 2003 they were made in Finland (http://www.valmet-automotive.com) and nowadays they are made in Austria (?)

  4. why why why didn´t they do it? Damn GM. I can´t believe it! A 900 V8 … wow! A 9000 V8 … double-wow! 😉
    History is so unfair 🙁

  5. I wonder how much heavier the V8 is compared with the standard B202 ? The 3.0L V6 briefly used in the 9000 biased the F/R weight distribution a little more, but the 2.5L V6 in the NG900 altered its weight bias and handling in a not so good way. That’s why I’m curious how a Siamesed B202 (B404 ?) would have affected the handling of a NG900 or the 9000.

  6. Given that the B motor was born of a triumph that was half a V8, it all seems logical (surely even to a purist!). Despite many misgivings like trans strength, weight, torque steer etc etc – how much fun would a 9000 Aero be with a 4 litre V8!!

  7. Not all V8s are the archaic monstrosities that somehow come to mind ( 6 litres, cast iron, pushrods etc)….the new gen from BMW are pretty amazing. Fuel economy is not hideous provided you don’t thrash them and they are obviously light enough as the next gen M3 will have one. BMW would not be putting a V8 in there if they thought it would ruin the handling.

    Then again, we could strip one right down to about 2.5 litres and get it revving out to 20000rpm and run it on ethanol for the Aero X
    Works for F1!

    I’m sure these guys might offer some advice.


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