Aussie Review – Aero Convertible

Carpoint, the NineMSN automotive site, has just published a 7-day review of the 9-3 Aero Convertible.

It’s been encouraging to see a bit more Saab promotion around the traps. I can’t speak for mainland Australia, but I’ve noticed quite a bit more web advertising and there’s even been some ads on TV down here in Tassie (shock horror!). Print media coverage has also been looking up recently, primarily due to the Aussie connection with the V6 engine being assembled in my old home town, Melbourne.

Here’s hoping this review gets a decent readership, which it should as Carpoint’s a site with wide coverage. IThe write-up is a great testament to a great vehicle. A few snippets:

….It has some sweet lines and from almost any angle is very elegant.

The interior takes a little getting used to though. The organic lines on the dash are an acquired taste but there are no complaints about the seats and ergonomics — they are both first class. In fact, we would go so far as to say it was one of the most comfortable cars we have driven…..

…..The 2.8TS V6 fitted to the top-shelf Aero range boasts 184kW (up from 155kW) at 5500rpm and more importantly 350Nm (up from 300) from 2000-4500rpm — and there is little in the way of turbo lag.

Best of all, the tuned twin exhaust now has a sporty note to announce Saab’s performance intentions…..

…..generous seating for four adults….

…..The hood is a work of art.


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  1. Bring’em all positive reports down. We need this kind of publicity that highlight the product atributes and good points rather than the ones that carry on regurgitating that its good but it’s not German. I can see some good hope in here.

  2. With Saab now part of the GM empire, the still very ‘Swedish’ car has a strong global connection. The sweet V6 is assembled in Port Melbourne, the chassis comes courtesy of Opel in Germany, the turbo is from Mitsubishi and the auto from Aisin in Japan, and the whole package is assembled in Finland!

    Wrong Wrong and more wrongs….the engine is assambled in Södertälje Sweden, and the chassie is built and developed in Trollhättan Sweden, with some components from Opel, and the whole car is assambled in Austria not Finland

  3. This is the V6 they’re talking about, which is built in Melbourne and shipped to Sweden. They forgot to mention that the head (I think) is cast in Mexico.

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