Auto Express and the Aero-X

First it was Aftonbladet, then Autobild, and now Auto Express have written up their Aero-Xperience – and the good news is I don’t have to try and translate it!!

Viewed on a show stand, there’s no doubting the concept is a looker, but catch sight of the Aero X at speed and it takes your breath away…..

…..Ignition is by means of a ‘mouse’ on the transmission tunnel; sliding it forward selects a gear, and lifting it raises the roof. Saab wasn’t keen on us verifying the claimed 4.9-second 0-60mph time and 155mph top speed of this price-less, unique machine, but the engine cer-tainly sounds mean. Yet more amazing is the jet-like driving experience.

Accelerating along the test track with no A-pillars, a 180-degree view and a glass roof, it feels as if you could pull back on the steering wheel and take off!

The Autobild story, yesterday, gave us some hints as to the Aero-X’s application in future Saabs. Auto Express seem to be at it as well.

Designer Anthony Lo told us a crossover SUV would be next followed by a new 9-5 – and both are likely to be inspired by the concept. “After these models, we’ll have an image car such as the Aero X, but done on a smaller scale.”

Bring it on!

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  1. Could the excellent 9-5 sales numbers in Sweden be due to continued strong sales of the BioPower model?

    The 9-3 sold very well too but I don’t think that a BioPower model of the 9-3 is sold, is it?

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