Comments (again….grrrr)

For some reason or another, one of our regular commenters here had a comment go onto the ‘Junk’ listing by the automatic spam filter. I showed him my list of keywords that trigger a ‘Junking’ but none of those words were in his comment. ‘Junk status’ can also be triggered by certain links or IP addresses.

This is troubling me as I don’t want any other commenters to go through the same process. If you’ve had any trouble with comments recently, specifically receiving a message that your comment has been junked, then please email me – swade99–at– (replace the “–at–” with “@”).

My sincere apologies if anyone has had a comment junked and I didn’t pick up on it. I delete junk on a daily basis and may have missed it. Again, please let me know.

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  1. The poster must have used the word “Volvo” somewhere in his post ;=)

    Actually now come to think of it, quite often my posts don’t make it in. But that’s ok, Swade pretty much echoes what I think anyway.

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