E85 racer

Swede Team Motor isn’t the only race team I’m hoping to follow this year.

Anders Weglin Racing is another privateer running a 9-3 sport sedan around Sweden’s racing tracks. This car is somewhat different though, in that it runs it’s 2 litre engine on E85, pushing out around 500hp and a top speed of 282 km/h!!

This car is running against Vipers and Corvettes, so it’s serious business. Like STM, Saab is on board with the Weglin team. It’s good to see some grass-roots racing sponsorship and I can’t help but think that Saab’s image amongst Sweden’s motoring enthusiasts is enhanced by this. They always were identified as the sporting choice out of the Swedish car companies and it’s great to see that being maintained there. If only it could happen a little more abroad.

I’ll publish more about this Anders Weglin Racing as it comes to hand.

Image from SLC.se


And for those of you that are interested – in addition to Toyota announcing e85 vehicles for the US market in the near future, you can now add Chrysler to the mix. They’ve announced a plan for e85 in Jeeps and a Dodge starting in 2007.

I hope Jay’s getting closer to a start date for the biopower 9-5 in the US.


  1. Actually, DaimlerChrysler has been making flex-fuel (E85-capable) vehicles for years. See this link for a list:


    The “news” about this is that they’re adding three new vehicles to that list. Also, they’re selling them directly to the consumer, whereas before they’d sell them only as part of a fleet purchase.

    I have a company-provided leased fleet vehicle (Dodge Stratus) but it was not purchased as part of a fleet, but rather a one-off purchase added to the fleet. So the 8th character in my VIN is not “T”, meaning it’s not flex-fuel capable. Not that it matters as the only station offering E85 for sale to the public (STILL) in my state (California) is about 150 miles away from where I live (http://www.rtc4afv.com).

    Despite the announcement that the State of California is working with GM, Chevron, and Pacific Ethanol to add more E85 stations to the state (http://media.gm.com/servlet/GatewayServlet?target=http://image.emerald.gm.com/gmnews/viewmonthlyreleasedetail.do?domain=74&docid=21736) we’re yet to see a single one (http://www.e85fuel.com/database/locations.php?state=CACalifornia), close to four months after the announcement. In fact, Pacific Ethanol isn’t even expected to get their plant on-line until the “fourth quarter, 2006”.

    This smacks of GM “greenwashing” (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/greenwash).

    And where does SAAB fit-into GM’s ideal ethanol-powered utopia? Despite SAAB being an ethanol leader, not a single SAAB can be seen in their “LiveGreenGoYellow” advertising campaign (http://www.livegreengoyellow.com). They show mostly their pickup trucks, SUVs, and a couple of cars, I think the Chevy Impala and Chevy Cobalt. Where’s the love for SAAB?

    I’ve read in the past that the only reason the major car companies make flex-fuel vehicles (and poorly advertise the fact) is that they get some sort of federal tax incentive for getting better mileage (?) or less emissions or something although the big-three know darned well that nobody’s going to run the cars off E85. In fact, if you have a flex-fuel vehicle, you may not even know it. You have to actively go out and check your VIN number to find out. Very few of these cars even have external badging clueing you into the fact.

    I’m a notorious skeptic, but I really feel this big push for ethanol is greenwashing and we’re going to see very few actual flex-fuel cars on the road actually running E85 in the future.

  2. My god, this beast has stunning beauty. Just look at it.
    I am cheering for any Saab race team out there and I hope that in the future we will get a chance to see some of these teams in a world wide event.

  3. I’m infuriated too about the lack of information on which Saabs (if ANY) are E-85 compatible. And like the previous post from Teddy says, “Not that it really matters (YET) because the closest E-85 station to me is” 75 miles away in downtown Atlanta.
    However, I want to start using alternative fuel as soon as possible and will do what I have to to let Congress, car companies, and fuel companies know that Georgians, and AMericans, want an alternative. (I’ve found some helpful information and at least an organized site which I can pass on to all I know at KickTheOilHabit.Org Go See the site and pass it on and please send any others you’ve found.
    Other than passsing word on and donating I have been able to do very little myself. However, I purchased the 2004 9-3 not long ago assuming that OF COURSE, Saab, one of the leaders in ethanol progress & research, would make their vehicles compatible. Now nearly two years later I’ve considered buying a newer model of the same car, but I cannot find ANYWHERE the information leading me to even believe that Saab has e-85 compatibility in their US cars. I am starting to believe TEDDY’s notion of “GreenWashing.” In addition I cannot find info that leads me to believe that if I bought one in Europe through Saab’s “European Delivery” that I would have any better success. Can someone please tell me a real website where I can put in my vin number or read it in black and white that Saab and GM have E-85’s in the US?!? This list of GM trucks just doesn’t cut it! please. anything. thank you. Nelson

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