Edmunds and the Aero-X

Edmunds have now managed a full-ish article on the Aero-X for their US readers. There’s little that’s new in there for you and I, but it’s a good intro piece for your average US motoring reader that may not have come accross the car via other sources.

You can have a 3-minute read if you klicka här. There’s also a video on the site that you can watch (sub-par graphic quality, but worth it nonetheless).

Mmmmmmmmm. I love video.

And if I may indulge myself for a moment (and I can)……I took a fair battering from one commenter when I took Farago to task after this car was released. Farago published that it was on a Corvette base and I countered, saying it was an individual platform built just for this car. Hate to say I told you so…..but after the pasting I took without time for a proper reply, I’ll leave it at this:

Saab’s concept rides on its own purpose-built platform with a 110-inch wheelbase and an idealized 50/50 weight distribution.

I told you so (meow…hiss).

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  1. On the Aero X, evo magazine edition 091 of May 2006 has a brilliant write-up on page 22 titled “Aero X Revs Up Saab’s Image.” I am a regular of evo as my wife is an airline hostess and flies to London, UK weekly and hence get my hands dirty on these good stuff on a regular basis.

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