Entry #900 – SOTW

I’m pretty chuffed about this one. Entry number 900. Not just because it’s another great Saab O The Week photo, but also with the fact that a site I started on a whim just over a year ago has made it to 900 entries. I’ve learned a heck of a lot in that time and “met” a lot of fantastic Saab enthusiasts. I don’t have a single complaint to make about the entire experience.

This week’s SOTW shot is a poignant one. A Swedish car photographed in what could be an Australian countryside setting, but is actually in Sweden – owned by a Swedish guy who’s currently living in Australia. A nice set of connections there.

The owner of this beautifully straight 900 is David B. He’s from Stockholm but currenly living in Perth, Western Australia. He bought the car last year, but has had to leave it in his family’s care at home whilst he trudges around Perth in a Ford Falcon. Poor bloke.

A great shot of a great machine – and a fitting car for entry number 900.

Saaben 03.jpg
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If you’d like your car featured as a Saab O The Week entry, then simply take a great photo involving your Saab and email it to me (there’s an email link in the left sidebar).

The SOTW gallery is growing and there’s some magnificent vehicles in there. Check ’em by clicking on the following link: Saab O The Week

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  1. Is it just me – or does this site just get better and better?

    As a Saab writer -I carry my ego around behind me on a special trailer that is half a cut down Saab 93 like the one I saw in Solvang California (a Swedish Saab town hidden in the USA), but the sheer enthusiasm that shines through this site, is superb: credit where credit is due.

    I read Trollhattan every day now – and the quality of entries always hits the mark.

    Congrats on a superb achievement at 900 posts Swade -only 100 to go for the magic 1,000.

    All the best from a half – Pom in Pommy land.

  2. Lance, your comments are much appreciated.

    I like to think of 900 as being the Saab version of four figures. Picture a batsman getting 90 as being celebated like a ton.

    Onwards and upwards!!

    Only 8,100 entries before I post a special photo for the entry #9000 SOTW!!

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