Euro Delivery

I swear, if I was living in the US and buying a new Saab, there’s no way I wouldn’t do this at least once.

The European Delivery Program.

Saab did around 200 Euro Deliveries in 2005. Jacek, a dealer in Houston, left a comment earlier in the week that Saab had budgeted on 300 Euro Deliveries in 2006. By the end of March, they’ve already booked 150. Good news for Saab!

SaabUSA has a page on their website about EDP that you can view by clicking here. All the details are there, including the various cities around Europe where you can pick up / drop off your Saab and the charges for doing so. There’s a pretty decent video on the whole experience too.

Apparently it’s for purchased vehicles only, not leases. That’ll count a lot of people out. So will the standard practice of short vacations being allowed by employers in the US (praiiiiise the Lord for 4 weeks as standard here in Oz).

But if you’ve got the intention and opportunity, I cannot think of a better way to buy a car. None. Zip. Nada.

You get the car cheaper.
You get $2,000 towards your trip.
You can pick it up in a bunch of places around Europe (though why you wouldn’t get it in Trollhattan I’ll never know)
You get groovy Swedish export plates, which you can keep for a while.
You get a European driving holiday in your own new Saab.

Saab Australia, you need to offer this!! I could almost make a case for selling the family home and buying a new car!!!

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  1. “Speaking of Saab” …well, this IS TrollhattanSaab..

    I’d love to do European delivery some day, but once I get out of school and get a job that will allow me to afford that new 9-5 Aero I want I don’t know if I would be able to wait long enout to build up the required vacation time.

  2. “Speaking of Saab” …well, this IS TrollhattanSaab..

    I’d love to do European delivery some day, but once I get out of school and get a job that will allow me to afford that new 9-5 Aero I want I don’t know if I would be able to wait long enout to build up the required vacation time.

  3. Swade-
    Total agreement. Dont forget the museum and factory tour. The Euro driving holiday? Two weeks aint enough. Dzlsabe needs a cohort but alas Saabusa will not accept another order from me. Perhaps you could try contacting IDS directly?

  4. This is email from my customer on european delivery that was done in february 2006:
    “Hi Jacek!

    Yes, I have received my car. Everything worked out great. Got in late on Wednesday night, went to the hotel, then picked up the car on Thursday morning. The other rims were not an option but the car really looks great with the standard rims anyway. I think they really did a great job with the whole service, I could tell that they had done it many times before. I am surprised that more people don’t utilize European delivery, though. I know that I will always use it now.

    I am writing from Gothenburg now. We have already driven up to Oslo. We then drove down the coast of Norway and took a ferry back to Stromstad Sweden last night. If you ever stay in Gothenburg, this hotel here is a really great place, Elite Plaza hotel. We are headed down to Malmo and then Copenhagen later today. This has really been a great trip, I’m happy it worked out. I’ll email you after we drop the car off. Then it’s just the waiting game until I can pick up the car with you in Houston.

    Thanks again! I’ll talk to you soon.


  5. I hope one day to get a 9-3 through Euro delivery. Question though, does anyone know how Saab is able to make money on European delivery sales? discount off MSRP, free delivery to US, and travel allowance? how does it work?

  6. i hope to book a reservation this year. it’ll be for a 9-3 aero, probably. i’m kind of waiting to see if the delphi labor dispute causes gm to file for bankruptcy, and if so, the fallout, thereof. also, i’d like to see renderings of the proposed 9-1, and the next-gen 9-3 before making a final decision.

    that gm didn’t show something about a 9-1, a next-gen 9-2x (if the model continues), or a 9-4, in geneva really bothers me. it makes me feel that it’s hiding bad news.

    anyway, if or when i buy a new saab, definitely, it’ll be via euro-delivery.

  7. Well, it sounds great, but I’ll never do it again, and probably never buy another Saab (I own 2 others currently). I am still waiting for delivery here in California of my car, nearly 9 weeks after dropping it off in Hamburg. Saab cannot (or will not tell me) determine where the car is. It docked on July 12th. It is now the 30th. I have not received the Customs Clearance papers in the mail. It is possible that the car experienced damage in shipment, possibly very serious damage. At any rate, Saab has left me hanging, telling me it should show up any day now. I can provide details on the rest of the experience if anyone is interested. I almost did not receive the car in Vienna because someone in Sweden screwed up and forgot to apply for the export plates in registration. And there were some other annoying glitches too. Never again. As I sit waiting for Saab to phone me, I am burning through my warranty and making car payments on a new car I do not have.

  8. I am considering the purchase of a new MY07 SportCombi, and am considering Euro Delivery — but I’d want to do it during the 60th Aniv Festival in June.

    In reading the net, I’ve heard some pretty bad horror stories concerning damaged and not-delivered vehicles, much like the post above. Can anyone enlighten me? Does this happen more often then normal delivery?

    Swade, I just thought of the idea to do the ED during the Festival. Maybe we can meet up. What are your thoughts of ED? (And I mean Euro Delivery!)

  9. Can not get a word out of Saab on a Euro delivery on a 2008. Emailed, called, told them their website state that they are going to enhance their Euro delivery program with the 2009 models. Hey, what happened to 2008? Some poor proof reading of copy on your highest promoted vehicle. Just would like to plan, can’t hop in the lear jet any week I please. For 30-35K answer an email or say we will call you versus, just keep checking back.
    Every tab on Euro delivery says 2009 models.
    Hey Saab, get a meeting or conference call, work it out, and sell some cars.

  10. Some have mentioned that they need to save a lot of time to visit Sweden. This is not true. I flew to Sweden on Friday evening and arrived on Saturday morning. I looked around Gothenburg for a day without a car and to sleep off jet lag. Picked up the car on Monday. Drove around Monday and Tuesday. Dropped off the car Wednesday morning (arrived too late on Tuesday as the man in charge at the dealer drop off leaves early) and flew home.

    Total vacation time: 3 days.

    I saw a lot of Trollhattan and Gothenburg. Winter and spring airfares are cheap.

  11. Called SAAB headquarters in Detroit, as I posted above, after ten calls (one would think I was Michael Moore) I found out there is no European delivery for the United States. If I was a Saab marketing man, I would just state that on the site, versus having six tabs devoted to European delivery, but I am not, but, NO SALE

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