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I’d like to thank everyone for a great week here at TS. It’s been truly entertaining. March was a great month for Saab. They topped off a record first quarter in sales. And if that wasn’t enough, well how about the Aero-X really coming to the fore in geneva and the startling Biopower Hybrid Concept?

That is one huge month.


I wouldn’t have believed it if you’d told me it would happen, but German sales figures are even slower coming in than English ones. Remarkable.

Having a look at Saab’s German sales for 2005, there’s two words that come to mind – upside potential.

Saab sold just 5,610 vehicles in Germany in 2005. Sure this is the enemy’s heartland. It may even be the toughest market they have to operate in. But just 5,600 vehicles in a 3,000,000 vehicle market means there’s definitely room for growth.


I’ve given the 9-2x a fair bit of criticism on this site, but I guess if there’s one good thing about the car, it’s evident in comments like this:

I paid 3k less then i would have for the Subaru. And the 9-2 is not hideous like the subaru, has features the subaru does not, has a better warranty, and i get to go guack at my future 9-5 every 3 months. Smart move Saab, you have me for life.


This weekend’s going to be a killer. It’s our final weekend in our current place before we move next Thursday. I’ll be packing boxes like a kid in a Chinese sweatshop.

Speaking of moving house, a big Hi to the mysteriously quiet Greg A in MPLS. Hope it went well.


Things have been quiet on the Saab O The Week front. Sorry if you’ve sent one in and I haven’t published i.t I lose track sometimes.

Please feel free to send in your Saab pictures. Great shots only please. Now that spring has sprung up there in the northern hemisphere, I’m hoping for some beauties.

My email link is on the left.


After the house move I’ll also be doing a design update on the site. Any suggestions welcome. I’m thinking ‘clean’. And ‘centred’.

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  1. “mysteriously quiet” — my wife will like that.

    In addition to moving (after three weeks in the new house, we’ve just now gotten through most of the boxes), there’s a whole bunch of politics going on here.

    My congressman decided to retire, suddently, after 28 years in office. Minneapolis is a very Democratic town, and I used to be the chair of the city Democratic party. So now I have a bunch of good friends all running for Congress. Against each other.

    On top of that, I decided to run for a seat on the county board, which may be vacated by one the of candidates running for Congress. Over a million people live in Hennepin County (the county that includes Minneapolis), so it’s a big job.

    And the political timeframe is very compressed as well — because this area is dominated by one political party, getting the party endorsement at local conventions held in May and June is a huge leg up on ultimate victory in November.

    Needless to say, all of this has gotten in the way of rehabilitating my 99 turbo.

  2. What’s your campaign platform — ‘A DI Cassette in every 9k’ -OR- ‘Turbo makes everything better!’?

    It’s local primary time in my neighborhood, and one of the judicial incumbents came walking through our neighborhood last week while I was fitting a new battery cable on the 900. He walked up to campign, but the first words out of his mouth were “Love the car — I’ve got one, too!” Turns out that he’s got a 9-3 Turbo Convertible that he babies. Needless to say, he’s got my vote!

    (I’ll never understand why we elect judges anyway.)

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