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Got to say thanks to John at Elkparts for the latest piece of graft and corruption.

I got a parcel in the mail the other day full of Aero-X goodies, all of which are available at Elkparts. So here I sit in my Aero-X T-shirt, my bad hair covered by my new Aero-X cap, writing to you with my Aero-X pen.

OK, so I’m not. But I could be. Click on any of the miniatures to enlarge.

Aero-X cap.jpg Aero-X pen.jpg Aero-X T-shirt.jpg

A word to the wise, whilst the T-shirt is of very good quality, it’s one of those fitted T’s that look better on your slimmer built fellow rather than one ‘built for comfort’ such as myself. My 15 year old is loving it.

The cap, again, is a great quality item, in black with Aero-X prominently embroidered on the front. The pen (my personal favourite) is an aluminium and carbon-fibre masterpiece. Love it.

Goodies available at the links above. There’s also a very nice looking gents watch as well as a ladies T-shirt in the catalogue.

Tell ’em Swade sent ya. You probably won’t get them any cheaper, but at least they’ll know I care.

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  1. Nah, I’l wait for the “real” Aero-X hat that cantilevers itself out of the way when I want to take it off ;-P

  2. Psycho, it’s called advertising. John sends me a little stuff – I advertise it. If Expressions want to do that as well, no problem.

    One promise – if something’s no good, then I’ll say it’s no good. Hence the T-shirt goes to my young bloke as it’s a better fit for him due to the design. The books I’ve done reviews on for Elkparts have both been sensational and a worthwhile addition to my Saab library.

    Elkparts have been a decent supporter of this site and were the first to approach me about doing so. It’s a loose arrangement but it seems to work OK. And Saab people will know that this stuff is available elsewhere. The expressions site, their local dealer, PFS etc etc.

    I should bill GM for the work I do on this site. Seeing their recent accounts-payable foibles I reckon I could get them to cut a cheque without too much trouble. (a guy invoiced them $4,000 or so and got a cheque for $4,000,000 and then couldn’t get them to take it back when he informed them of the error. Ay Carumba!!)

    Jacek, sometimes it depends on traffic. I got this stuff last week and only got to write about it now. We love you, OK.

  3. Wow Swade, thats a good job advertising. Im about to order a pen and shirt right now. What size did you order? Would a medium fit a swimmer-teen?

  4. Swade, you are seeing the effects of what good marketing and well targeted campaigns do overall. John and the whole gang at Elkeparts are great to deal with. And they could even supply some Hirsch bits very reasonably. There is a lot to learn from these brits and how they are just ahead of the whole world when it comes to Saab marketing and high end branding. I will support these guys for as long as I am in this camp. No doubt their operations play a significant role and why the Saab market in the UK does so well. We need more Johns from Elkeparts in this world.

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