Great Saab Moments

I had one of those great Saab moments this afternoon on my drive home from work. I’m cruising along the road toward the bridge and see a nice looking 900 in my mirrors coming up in the lane to the right of me.

I slow down and let the car get to my side and am amazed to see a 1984 Lux edition 4-door 900 in almost perfect condition. Haven’t seen one of those in ages! Two-tone silver and grey just like the shot below, but with manhole wheels instead of minilites:

1983 900 Lux 003.jpg

So there I am, cruising in my Viggen on a beautiful afternoon with The Badloves playing Green Limousine on the CD player, a beautiful classic 900 in the lane next to me, the working day over and a short trip to my new house. Does life get any better?

Yeah, it does. Shortly after that we hit the highway and I got to plant the right foot. Ah, sweet turbo.

Please feel free to leave your great Saab moments in comments. Take as much time and space as you like.


(and by the way, whenever you’re looking for that hard-to-identify 900, do what I did and go to Paul’s Classic 900 Special Editions page. Bloody magnificent)

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  1. I’m on my 4th Saab, I started out with a 78 used 2 door hatch back with Turbo, it was a good car but I didn’t realize how fast it was until just before I traded it off on my second Saab a used 2 door 900 sport all white (nicknamed the White Night). What happened to my 78 was that my Saaqb repair man couldn’t figure out why it lost all power when I booted it that was until just before traded it, turned out there was a tear in the air transfer housing to the turbo which would collaps when I stepped on it. I had it repaired and the speed and power were amazing.

    The White Night un-turbo’d was just a beautiful car and I have to this day not seen another, but it was time for some major repairs and I sold and went into another line of cars.

    In Dec. of 04 I bought a fully loaded 93 Arc 4 door Sports Sedan………..very disappointed it was quick and agile but a lemon I had nothing but problems with it. I went back to the dealer and we struck a good will deal on a 06 93 Combi Aero. This is an amazing car! but it ain’t your Daddy’s station wagon!

  2. I had too one of these moments earlier today. I saw in front of me an incredibly looking 2001 or 2002 9-5 Aero. It was light grey with lower suspension than standard and what appeared to be some fantastic looking 18′ wheels. Maybe they were the beloved Hirsch. I could not catch up to overtake. Very quick, sharp and smooth. A rare sight !!!

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