Green Cars a hit in Sweden

One of the great successes for Saab in the last year has been the release of the 9-5 biopower. 9-5 sales went through the roof in March with a 70% rise over March 2005. The biopower model is a big reason behind this success and earlier in the year there was word that Saab had filled most of its 2006 expectations for the Biopower already!!

The Local, Swedish news in English, has a quick report highlighting the huge growth in ‘green cars’ in the last 12 months. How big is ‘huge’?

Try 540%!!

Imagine if they got the Biopower Hybrid to market quickly…..

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  1. The main reason for the Biopower selling so well is that we have alot of people in Sweden that has a car as a benefit from work. Since it’s a “green” car you get a 30% or so deduction on the value that’s taxed for having such a benefit car. Plus that a litre of E85 is about 7-8 swedish crowns while one litre of 95 octane gas is about 11-12 crowns. (1US$=7,6 crowns)

  2. Clearly, I didn’t read carefully enough. The 9-5 Biopower is the suggested model – however – I still wonder how many of those green car sales that the article mentions are attributed to Toyota sales vs. Saab sales.

  3. The Prius isn’t that big here since it’s so expensive. The ones that sells the most from what I know are the 9-5 E85, Ford Focus E85, Volvo S40/V50 E85 (same engine as in the Focus) and Volvo S60/V70 Bifuel Biogas/Regular fuel.

  4. Just to be clear, that list is of all car sold in Sweden, not only green ones. I think something like half the sold 9-5’s in Sweden are BioPowers

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