Hirsch in Oz

I received some feedback from Saab Oz in relation to my query about Hirsch availability in Australia, or the lack thereof. Unfortunately the email’s on my other PC, but the explanation went something like….

All cars that come into Australia have to comply with Australian Design Rules. The ADRs govern all aspects from taillight function to emissions, from door latches and hinges to internal sun visors (yes, really!).

The problem isn’t that Hirsched Saabs don’t comply with the ADRs. The problem is that Saab Aust have to get each new model tested to prove that they DO comply with the ADRs, and that’s the crux of the issue. It ain’t cheap, and given the small numbers of Hirsch modded cars that would come in, these compliance tests add a cost that at this point make a business model harder to establish. I didn’t ask, but I’d imagine any individual mods would also be subject to ADR scrutiny too, not just full vehicles.

Saab Aust indicate that they’ve received quite a few queries about Hirsch availability. They’re aware of the demand for the product and are working on a solution to be able to get it to market. Here’s hoping it can work out soon so they can add some hot sauce in the showrooms.

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  1. Thanks for the update swade. Glad to hear some work is going into it. I wonder if the financial/regulatory scenario is as tough if its just the parts that are sold? ie – seeling Hirsch upgrade technology through existin dealers to existin customers? Exhausts, Wheels, Software etc…
    I appreciate that bringing whole cars is costly but…we’re talking about General Motors here, who must import cars by the boatload from Europe anyway. A few extra, that can be sold anyway (surely they can be sold?) is really just an incremental cost isn’t it?
    I know guys who bring in cars from Japan in VERY small volumes and they turn a buck at it.

    Anyway, great to hear that GM is looking at it & hope something happens.

  2. For any challenge there’s always a solution so long as there is the will to do it. Bringing the complete cars is a much harder/heavier exercise in itself but there is nothing to stop selling the loose Hirsch bits today even. As PT’s comments, there is a number of outfits doing precisely this and they run a profit. So, more will please and we are nearly there.

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