Trollhattan Saab has a little brother.

It’s only a baby, so be kind as it has very delicate feelings. It’s name is Alfablogger.


If you’re at all interested, please feel free to drop on in. Whilst I’m Saab through and through, I’ve always had a crush on Alfas and hope to get one as a project car one day. They make perfect project cars as there’s always something that needs to be done on them!!

There’s only 20 or so entries on there, but if you’d like somewhere to start, there’s Clarkson’s review of the new 159. As you read it, think to yourself “The 9-5 could have been on this chassis…..”

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  1. Interesting – an Alfa site from a Saab man – intruiging particularly as Saab’s legendary stylist Sixten Sason was an Alfa fan too and spent months touring the Milan/Turin car design circuit in the 1950s.

    Giovanni Michelotti and Nuccio Bertone were mates I hear.

    Sason was a regular Alfisti and if you look at his Saab 99 genisis sketch published in my Saab book, there are strong tones of Alfa.

    Sason (and the young apprentice Bjorn Envall) apparently had a great time in Italy on the motor show circuit -mixing it with the top design names- or so Bjorn Envall told me.

    So maybe the jump from Saab to Alfa is not so great. Mind you my Alfa Sud rusted within months and they are known as “Awful Sod’s” up here in rainy, rusty Pom -land.

    In fact Alfa used cheap low grade Russian steel that had been rusting for years before it was made into cars. Whereas Volvo and Saab used top grade British steel.

    Saab- Alfa? Saab sold Saab-Lancia’s once under the Type 4 Fiat- Saab Agnelli -Wallenburg deal in the 1980s too…

    Citroen people often like Saab’s too.

    Here’s to Alfa’s renaissance – the new Brera is brilliant.

  2. Swade,
    I, too, am a bit of an Alfa fan. My mom’s cousin races an old GTV (’71, I believe)and runs an Alfa Parts/Shop buisiness… and my dad’s owned three of ’em (’69, ’72,’ 74). Certainly something timeless about a lot of Alfa designs. I, for one, would love to see Alfa back in the U.S. Didn’t their 157(?) win Car of the Year by the euro press?

    I’ll have to bookmark your new blog. It’ll be my Alfa source.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Swade!

    ’93 9000 Aero, built on the same platform as the 164’s (I looked at 164S’s when I bought mine, but there are even fewer of those than there are 9000 Aeros, and 9000 interior has aged far better!)

  3. Alfas and Saabs are an awesome Combination. I have a 9-5 aero and an Alfa 164. They both are amazing cars. I bet there are lots of alfa saab fans out there! ( just don’t talk about front wheel drive with “old’ alfa blood……

  4. Nice new addition. (Love the name, BTW.)

    Before the whole GM-Fiat fiasco, there was serious speculation that Alfa would reenter the US market through Saab dealer network. I think the same thing that draws people to Saabs draws those same folks to Alfas.

  5. Another Alfa fan here too. Only problem is i’ve never felt comfortable driving one as i have big feet and have found it impossible on every model i’ve tested not to hit the brake and accelarator at the same time, this has been going back as far as ’85. Plus the transfer to right hand drive seems to offset the pedals awkwardly too. Shame as they have always been beautiful and very individual cars. Perhaps it’s the way i’m built..hmm.

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