It ain’t so….

I published an article earlier today that gave some hope to the thought of the Aero-X being trimmed down into a production model. Being somewhat weary of the pommy press and wanting to know the down-low about this, I emailed a few people within Saab to see what the story was.

One reply: “Pure speculation”.

And that’s from one rather impeccable source.

The good thing about the Brits is that they seem to love-love-loooove their Saabs. They’ve been selling them in record numbers for a while now and it’s great for Saab that they’re doing so. The downside to this is that they can also get a bit overexcited (though there’s rarely a downside to speculation about a sensational new model).

I remember a similar time last year when one of the UK motoring press published a sleek looking sketch with the designation 9-5 on the rear and published as a future pic. It incorporated nothing of Saab’s design language and quickly faded away (though it still bobs its head up now and then – as recently as earlier this month).

It seems this may be another case of the Brits publishing some wishful thinking and the rest of us wishing along with them.

Thankfully, the Aero-X is generating unprecedented press for Saab as it is. Long may it continue!

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