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Recognising that I’m going to be waaaaaay too busy over the next few days as I pack up and move house, I’m downing the tools and opening the comments. I’m likely to post just once between now and the weekend, that post being on the opening of the NY Auto Show, where TS has hopefully managed to install its own correspondent.

In the meantime, I can make a strong recommendation to go check out Stu’s photography site. Stu’s the guy that took the Viggen photo that is this month’s SOTW calendar. Great mate, great site. Enjoy the sights of Tasmania. Stu has a great eye. His wife actually thinks he has two of them!!

Comments are open and please feel free to raise whatever issues as you feel are appropriate. Please limit links to one per comment, otherwise your comment will be automatically put into the moderation queue.

Perhaps a good topic would be a discussion of the following video, 15 minutes worth from 1990……a weighty issue, but quotes like “we regard the Swedish and European identity of Saab as an important asset that we want to maintain and cultivate” deserve to be brought up now and again.

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  1. Hi Swade,
    Good luck with the move!
    The German numbers for March are out now: the market increased by 6.9% as compared to March 2005 (and by 5.4% if you compare the period January – March 2006 to the same period in 2005). It seems to be a good month for Saab: an increase by 16.5% as compared to March 2005 (14.0% in January – March 2006 to January – March 2005).
    Competitors are less successful: Audi’s sales were up by 16%, but BMW sold only 0.8% more than in March 2005, and Mercedes 11.1%. Volvo improved by only 1.2%. See more on: (go to „Aktuelles“, then „aus der Statistik“, and then click on „Fahrzeugzulassungen im März 2006“).

  2. Oh!
    It is so good to see…
    If this trend keeps up, I don’t think that Swades statistic game will fail. 160 000 unit during this year is not sky high! Difficult, but not impossible.

  3. little off the subject but cool,what is good for get away car and why?

    “Maine Brothers Linked To Bank Robberies In New Hampshire

    Two brothers from Maine and a man and woman from New Hampshire are in custody, all linked to a car that authorities believe may have been used in up to a dozen bank robberies in New Hampshire in the last six months.

    CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Twenty-six-year-old Travis Blodgett and his brother, 24-year-old Avery of Sweden, Maine, have been indicted on federal charges of robbing an Ocean National Bank branch in Stratham January eleventh.

    They previously lived in Concord, where at least two other banks were robbed in the spree.

    Also, 32-year-old Starr Parish of Manchester, and 34-year-old Douglas Fisher of Epsom, have been indicted on drug and gun charges. They were arrested last week in Laconia after police noticed a stolen green Saab similar to one witnesses reported seeing in the vicinity of several robbed banks.

    Assistant US Attorney Don Feith said investigators aren’t sure yet of the possible connections among the four, the car and the robberies.

    He said authorities believe the car recovered in Laconia with Parish and Fisher was involved at least in the Stratham robbery. He says witnesses in several recent bank robberies reported seeing a green Saab being driven away from the scene.

    (Copyright 2006 by The Associated

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