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YouTube has a great video about the classic Saab 900. Some of you English types may even see someone you know as they have a bunch of owners there talking about their cars.

You Tube 900 Video OR watch it below….(yes, I figured it out!!)


Remember that stat about how 30% of US Saab owners left the brand to buy an SUV?

Given the trend with fuel prices, I wonder how long it’ll be before they’re publishing stats about SUV owners that left the category to buy a Saab?

GM-Trucks, an enthusiast website for……..GM Trucks, has published a review on the Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan. And they seem to like it quite a bit.

With only 210 horsepower, we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t give the 2.0T much credence. However, we’re here to set you straight. This is one explosive little car that is tuned oh so nicely. With a great balance of low end torque and a surge of mid to top end speed, this little 9-3 moves with an authority you’d never expect.

Imagine if they’d driven the 2.8 V6.

Thanks to Joey for the tip.


I’m still waiting for those German sales figures for March 2006. I’d assumed they’d be more efficient than this.


Back when the Aero-X was released, the lads over at Jalopnik posted a bunch of photos on Flickr. They’re well worth a look. You can view the slideshow if you click here. I’ve reproduced one shot below, that fascinating dash setup.

Aero-X Guage.jpg


I think I’m getting this YouTube thing figured out. Try this….

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