Moving Snippets

Howdy all. We moved house yesterday. My body is sore in places I didn’t know existed.

Blogging will be intermittent as I haven’t got the internet connection in the new house sorted yet. Being Easter, I’m not sure how quickly it’ll be up and running. And there’s so much unpacking left to do. I’m having nightmares about boxes.


Here’s another recent Australian Saab review. I’ve got to say, they really do appear to be loving the V6 down here in Oz.

This time it’s the Aero SportCombi under review:

If the world was a logical place, we’d all be driving cars like Saabs and Volvos. Safe in the extreme, nit-pickingly well-built, packed with great engineering, and in the case of Saab’s new 9-3 SportCombi Aero, darn good fun…..

…..the svelte Swede is stacked with feel-good features for driver and passengers alike. For the driver, it’s mostly about a deep and rounded performance and the tactile driving experience — the engine and gearbox are gems, the operation of the entire vehicle is involving.


JimF has just emailed me. Had a great time at the New York show, though Jay and Jan-Ake seemed to be missing at the time he was there. He managed a good chat with Anthony Lo and Jan-Willem Vester, Saab PR manager for the US.

More to come later.


Have a great Easter everyone. I gotta run and return the truck I borrowed for the move.

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  1. Yes, let’s hear it!

    (Side note: It’s just like a Yankee to get into the playoffs and not get to the World Series, if you get my drift…)

  2. Swade-
    Congrats on the move and Im sure the soreness will be replaced by a smug grin soon.

    Re: the “Questions?”, Allow My Pompous Ass To Speculate…
    with my magic 8ball.

    Q3-JLo…Na?…but I agree
    Q4-mf…Whats a womb?Delphi NA/GMNA are equally seperated fron DelphiE/GME
    Q5-BB…agree wholeheartedly&No
    Q6-jc..You are correct sir…the interior plastics are…inferior? I own an 03 Linear(totally solid feeling/sounding at 60K)and have driven several Aeros,Arcs and would agree that the tighter suspension and wheels/tires are only enjoyable on smooth roads.
    Q7-eggs-because&never…How much grief did Saab get because they “screwed” up Epsilon so much it couldnt be built elsewhere? BS. What would have been wrong with getting everything else up to Saab specs? 1/2 full,1/2 empty.
    Q8-G…Why arent 20 over here at least gettin the shakedown? Diesel? There is one obselete 03 goina crack 60K this month. Any wagers on who gets #2,3,4,5…here?
    Q10-Rick…1-4 asked and answered…5 because theyre fing broke because theyre under-capitalized because theyre unprofitable because they havent been allowed to sell enticing product in many potential markets.
    Q11-Ed…I cant see Trollhattan shuttin down. Between GME, the Swedish gummint, the krona vs euro, probably one of the most flexible plants, and fair/good labor relations…thats all there is these days.
    Now get out there and sell some product!

  3. It is remarkable that there are many journalists who write about the LEDs at the rear although there are ordinary lights – no LEDs!

  4. You are thinking about the 9-3 SportCombi? I believe the Euro-version with the white tail lights has LED’s, but you may be right about the US-vesrsions. Read somewhere that they had to make ordinary tail lights for US markets due to some regulations forbidding white lights.

  5. “Read somewhere that they had to make ordinary tail lights for US markets due to some regulations forbidding white lights.”
    That can’t be the case because I’ve been behind Honda SUV’s and others that have white led tail lights.

  6. Ted:

    You may have seen cars like that, but they are NOT legal. Red lights ONLY in the back except for lights that operate only in reverse. Even turn signals must be amber or red, no white allowed.

    There may be some local variances, but this is pretty standard across the US.

  7. eggsngrits:

    But is it the radiated light or the color of the lens that’s regulated? If you happen to know an online source of US DOT regulations, please let me know, I can’t find one–which pretty much means I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  8. eggsngrits:

    Apparently you are right. I found this page which explains why:
    Seems we’re always stuck with outdated lighting in the USA because of poorly-written regulations. It’s a wonder we don’t still have 1930’s style sealed-beam headlamps. That’s why the Euro model 96’s of the early 70’s look so much better than U.S. versions.

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