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I guess this is why they don’t make a car badged as a Viggen anymore…..

During all the hoopla surrounding the unveiling of the Aero-X and the Biopower Hybrid, there was also another bunch of Saab releases – from Hirsch, Saab’s official performance partner based in Switzerland.

First up, they’ve released what they’re calling their best performance upgrade ever – the new kit for the 2006 9-5 Aero. How’s a hefty 300hp and 400Nm sound?

This new performance upgrade consists of a modified air intake, optimised intercooler, uprated fuel pressure regulator, sport catalyst, polished stainless steel exhaust system, and optimised software. The excellent response and low-end torque of the original configuration is retained, and maximum reliability and durability ensured through extensive testing…..

and I love this –>

….For safety reasons, this performance upgrade is sold together with upgraded brakes.

In addition to the new 9-5 Aero upgrade, Hirsch have also released their 9-5 diesel engine upgrade, offering 175hp and a whopping 370Nm of torque.

Finally, there’s the impending arrival of their new 18 inch wheels, which should land at Hirsch in a few weeks time. Here’s a rendering of them on a very nice looking black 9-3 SportCombi, which you can click to enlarge just a little.

new 18inch on Saab 9-3SC.jpg

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  1. Just have a look at the re-sellers page(S) on the Hirsch web site when selecting the UK market. It’s about 7 pages on my screen size. And the Australian dealer network….”0″. Does anyone wonder why sales are where they are in the UK when compared with the rest of the world let alone to those Down Under ??? It’s a no brainer isn’t it ????

  2. 9-5 Aero had already 305hp 420nm Hirsch version that was announced in 2002.

    yh, why those roof rails, heavy cargo aint very sporty 🙁

  3. Joe, I’m here to share the pain mate. As Kerry Packer would have said – ” Save your breath son, I’ll buy one.”

    Surely its just a matter of time? Or do we have to go the special order route as a couple of other Aussies have done?

  4. Saab Oz bought a few Hirsches in a couple of years ago. I think it was for compliance purposes or something. One is in Melbourne, the other in Qld and the last one made it to NZ.

    I think the main problem with bringing them in was that they’d be base priced over $100,000 and there just wouldn’t be a market for them at that price.

    These were top shelf 9-5s though. Completed cars. Can’t see why the performance options can’t be available as add-ons.

  5. “And the Australian dealer network….’0′.”
    At least Australia is on the list–even if only as a coutesy? The USA isn’t even on the list. I gotta think that it would help USA sales to have this as an option.

  6. Well, when a piece of the lower Merc AMG, Audi S series or even BMW M series will set you back in the mid $100 K +, a full blown 9-5 Hirsh at around $100 K is a bargain. If there was no market for Hirsch how come even the high end AMG, Ss and Ms are sold quite handsomely and their new models keep hitting our shores year after year. So, either they wanna do it or simply carry on burring their heads in the sand. I personally contacted Hirsch 2 years ago and got directed to a GM Holden person who wrote confirming that in a matter of 6 months all Hirsch accessories were going to be available through the whole Saab network. Still waiting !!!. Go to John form Elkeparts to get them. Thanks PT for sharing the pain. Not even big Packer could save us since he’s no longer with us. I doubt Jamie will be that generous !!!

  7. The 305hp/ 420Nm version is no longer on the Hirsch site, but this newer version seems to use the same kit.
    So where’s the extra hp gone?

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