Q & A with Brian Nesbitt

Brian Nesbitt is the head design guy for GM Europe, so when he does a Q&A it’s worth tuning into as it’ll likely have a bearing on Saabs somewhere down the line.

This is a quick Q&A from Autoweek, who cornered Nesbitt at the New York International Autoshow. The relevant Saab bits? Read on….

AW: With Saturn becoming Opel and Saab sharing a bit with Opel as well, won’t Saabs also start to mimic Opels a bit?

Nesbitt: No. The Saturn-Opel situation is a straight swap even in design, but the Saab-Opel swap is purely beneath the skin.

And the exciting bit (fingers crossed):

AW: Will we ever see a car from Saab that lives up to the Aero-X concept?

Nesbitt: Absolutely. We need to keep that fresh feeling of surprise the Aero-X brought to the Geneva show. You’ll see something at a show in around two years, once some new global architectures become final.

Note: I’m quite sure he’s not saying that we’ll see an Aero-X in 2 year’s time. We’ll see an exciting new vehicle in that time that lives up to the ideals of the Aero-X. Of that I feel quite sure.

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