UPDATE: I’ve closed comments on this one as by now, Jim has been to the show and asked what he could. I’d like to thank everyone for providing some real food for thought. Hopefully we’ll get answers to all the questions for you.


Welcome to Trollhattan Saab interactive!!!

As mentioned below, the New York International Auto Show begins this week, and Trollhattan Saab will be there!! That’s right, campers. This silly little blog managed to score a press pass and will be hanging out with all the movers and shakers. Edmunds won’t know what hit ’em!!

OK, I’m not going to be there personally, but did manage to get press authorisation and New York local, JimF, will be standing in on my behalf. Not only will Jim be there, but so will Jay Spenchian, Jan-Ake Jonsson, former Saab USA boss Bob Sinclair and Aero-X design-team-guy, Anthony Lo.

So, if you’ve got questions for any of these guys (and haven’t we all), enter them in comments and Jim will see what he can do. I don’t think I need to say this, but I will: Please keep your questions relevant and polite. It might also help to note with your question the person to whom the question is addressed.

Press days begin Wednesday April 12, so there’s not much time – hop to it!

Thanks, Jim, for standing in for me. Folks, if you’re a Yankees fan, check out Jim’s site:

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  1. For Jan-Ake Jonsson: Was the 9-3 hybrid concept vehicle shown in Stockholm a plug-in hybrid as described by Robert Collin of Aftonbladet? And was this fact quietened at GM’s request?

    probably best to leave that until all other questions have been asked, though

  2. For Jan-Åke Jonsson: When can we expect BioPower in a 9-3? Isn´t there some risk that Ford and Volvo gets way a head with there flexi fuel mid size family vehicles?

  3. Swade, you are the savior here mate !!!
    Saab should fly you to NY as a minimum. I would if I had the money but I can’t. Sorry about this but you deserve this and much more. Thanks for all the good work and for creating the endless enjoinment to be an arduous reader of Trollhattan Saab.

  4. For Jay Spenchian; Since you’re closer to the womb, if there is a Delphi strike, will GM allow Saab production to be disrupted, even if it causes major problems in North America?

    In other words, can GM protect Saab’s parts supply in Europe in case of a North American strike?

  5. For Jay S: I just returned from Sweden via the European Delivery Program and it was incredible! It seems that this is a logical way to woo new, as well as keep existing customers enamored with Saab. Is anything being done to better advertise this program?

  6. I’m driving my 3rd SAAB – a 2004 9-3SS Aero sedan. I have been a bit disappointed with the interior materials and fit and finish when compared with the competition and my previous SAABs. Specifically fit and finish was severely degraded by 10K miles with excessive interior noise and rattles. Is SAAB making steps to improve these things in future redesigns of the 9-3? It’s a great car that only lags slightly behind the competition due to just a bit too much cost-cutting on the luxury side. Pennywise, pound foolish.


    John – Atlanta

  7. People, people, why all the hand wringing? Ask some questions about the good stuff like:

    With the unbelievable reception given to the Saab AeroX, when can we expect a production Saab two-seat performance car?

    How does Saab fit with GM long-term? Will Saab technologies find their way into other GM cars? Vice-versa?

  8. Mr. Spenchian: first some flattery. Congratulations on the “Born from Jets” advertising campaign. As a longtime SAAB owner I’m enjoying the positive attention my SAABs have been getting now due to that campaign.

    My questions: Why have the BioPower SAABs been on sale in Sweden, Britain, and Germany for some time now, but we still don’t have them here in the States yet?

    Also, when can we expect to see SAAB diesels make the jump across the pond?


    Los Angeles, California, USA

  9. Great questions everyone – I’ve got them all typed up and ready to go. This should be a lot of fun!


  10. A more general question (and more rhetorical, perhaps) for all of the above.

    Which can the U.S. market expect to see first from Saab:
    1) Plug-in hybrid
    2) Two concurrent SUVs (such as 9-4x and 9-6x)
    3) Two-seater sports car
    4) A Gripen (in case none of the above are feasable in the forseeable future)

    Why isn’t Saab more active in racing today? I don’t want to suggest a Saab NASCAR, but with so many different racing events all over the world a successful showing in any of them would open up a whole new market for the company. Saabs are notoriously underestimated when it comes to performance, which leads many people to ignore it as a legitimate brand. Of course Saab owners know better, but to have a racing scene again could inform the undereducated public. 🙂

    Thank Saab for engineering and building great cars.

    Thank, swade, and JimF for taking your time to post this, and much more for actually listening to us!

  11. Thanks Swade for this opportunity, and also for JIMF.

    I would like to ask about the Trollhattan plant, what would happend with it, what’s the future of the plant and the image of Saab about Swedishness, build quality, productivity and so…. and if the production of the main models of Saab being produced alongside with Opel is going to be dangerous for the Saab image.

    Also, what’s happening with the engineering Center in Trollhattan, its reducing its influence in GM tech?? in chassis, engines, design… and what happen with the Saab Combustion Control Technology, When we will see the 2.0T SIDI engine in the Saab, and all this decrease in consumption and emissions thanks to the SCC technology….and the SVC??

    The next Saab models, will have more “badge engineering”?? like the 9-5 MY2006(less personal and swedishness interiors).

    its so large, but I think its interesting to know the idea I would like to express with those questions.