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Some of you folks in the US might remember the Biopower Beast. That’s what I called it at least. I’m referring to the Saab 9-5 Biopower Concept Car that was somewhat clandestinely displayed around US auto shows earlier this year.

If your memory has faded, you can klicka har and read all about it. In short, we’re talking about a 310hp, 440Nm beast of a car with a 2.3 HOT engine set up to run e85. At present, the 9-5 Biopower that’s selling so well in Sweden runs a 2.0 litre engine that puts out a respectable 180hp. This Biopower Beast would blow the current car’s doors off, and still treat the environment to a hug in the process.


Well, I’ve received a pretty reliable tip via email that this 310hp beasty is in pre-production right now, and may possibly be due as a 2007 addition to the 9-5 Biopower range. No word about what markets it would be sold in, but current biopower markets only would be a safe bet. It’d be a bit too early for US release, according to the 18-month schedule they hinted at back in January for a US release.

It might pay to pencil the 9-3 in for the ethanol treatment too. Both the four and six cylinder models.

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  1. I know one dude that tested this beast and the words he told me was “it goes like an f1 car”

  2. So the only difference between this one and the one currently being sold in Sweden is a displacement of 0.3L ?

    Amazing how third of a liter displacement can make an additional 110hp in the BioPower setup. Is the current 2.0L BP blown ?

  3. Saab Ken,
    My understanding is that “the Beast” is based on and Aero-tuned 2.3. Since E85 has a much higher octane rating, the software is able to allow much higher boost pressures, thereby gaining the extra ponies.

    So, yes, the 0.3 Liters makes a difference, but the turbo is larger, and the software is more agressive.

    The 2.0 in the current Swedish BioPower is blown, but to a much lesser extent.

    I’d like to drive one… and I’d like to see the rear-axle motor/generator thing too. Then you get AWD with better mileage.

    ’93 9000 Aero, 5spd, 71Kmiles

  4. Correct Peter. It’s the HOT engine (High Output Turbo). Bigger, nastier and much more fun.

    Like the Viggen had the 2.3 HOT engine but the standard 2.3 9-5 of the same time didn’t. One goes like stink and the other goes very nicely.

    Bigger displacement, HOT and e85 = G forces.

  5. Stop it, I can’t take any more. I’ll buy one now. Even if I have to leave it in Sweden and fly over there once a year to drive it. Even if its a prototype with bits of plastic hangin off, vinyl seats and the stereo is broken. Where do I sign?

  6. PT,

    I believe Swade is taking advance orders now on behalf of Saab. Just submit your application on the back of a AUS$1000 to him and he’ll process your order asap.

  7. Check in for the SVC review from a French magazine. Its incredibly impressive how it sounds this 1.6l 5cylinder engine, its like a V8 engine.

    For me its the perfect engine, low displacement, high torque and power, good performance, good wheigt-power ratio, and an incredibly good engine sound that makes you cry when you push hard the pedal.

    My fear for the future car engines is the loose of this driving emotion and the increase of the standarization of many think and how the Automotive industry is becoming like the PC, a commodity, and is loosing that emotion to make cars that you feel you are driving something special, feel free, and enjoy of the moment.

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