Saab 99 EMS Video

Olav’s dropped what looks like a sensational link into my inbox. Thanks, mate!

I haven’t watched this one yet as we’re still on dialup at the new address, but had to post it simply just for the title: Project 99 EMS. The byline says it’s the story of the 99EMS rally car made for Stig Blomqvist. Sounds pretty good to me.

I get very little time to cover 99’s and it’s a pity as the 99turbo is still my favourite Saab of all time.

This is another one of Ryan’s massive collection. His site is and he’s been uploading a lot of stuff onto Google as the bandwidth for an independant video site is an absolute killer.

Enjoy! And long live the Saab 99.

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  1. I don’t know which group is more crazy–the drivers who slide around narrow, tree-lined dirt and ice tracks at seemingly reckless speeds –or the fans who line the course sometimes only inches from passing cars.
    A great video clip–thanks for the fun!

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