Saab O The Weekend

I haven’t posted a SOTW picture for a little while, mainly owing to the move of house etc. Time to make amends though, and I’m very pleased to be bringing you our first ever SOTW from Lithuania!

Given that Eurovision will be coming up again soon, I’d like all you Euro types to send in your best Saab photos and let’s see how much of the continent we can cover (and by the way my favourite Eurovision song ever was “Wadde Hadde Dudde Da” by some German guy about 5 or 6 years ago – magnificent. Should have won).

This pic was sent in by Vaidas. It’s his father’s 2003 9-3 Aero, nicely nestled in amongst the Lithuanian countryside. Sensational. Looks like it’s stalking something….


You can view all of the SOTW entries, including the exclusive monthly calendar photos, by clicking on this link: Saab O The Week.

If you’d like your photo to appear in the SOTW section, just email it to me (there’s an email link in the left sidebar under ‘Introduction’). Please remember, we’re after excellent photos, not just regular photos of excellent cars.


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  1. One word – brilliant. Just to prove that Saab pilots are scattered around the world even if the products are being diluted.

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