Saab O The Week – Apr 28

It’s been all Alfa this evening as I trotted on down to see the Targa Tasmania cars down at Wrest Point here in Hobart.

To restore the balance, here’s a classic Saab 99 Turbo, belonging to Simon in Sydney, right here in Australia. Magnificent.

Simon says:

This car was restored some 11 years ago by a local saab specialist. It had a bare metal respray, engine was overhauled etc. They also fitted a reinforced 5 speed from an 88 900 turbo, which makes it alot more driveable around town. It has water injection, a high flowed T3 turbo running 17psi, 3 inch straight through exhaust, and the cold start injector cuts in at 7psi. This car has been featured in Australian Classic Car Magazine twice, March 96 and November 2000. Photo was taken at McMahons Point, Sydney Harbour, last year.

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  1. What a beautiful car! The first SAAB in my family was my grandfather’s new 1978 SAAB 99 Turbo (white with the rear window louvers).

    This car pictured went through an extensive restoration. I own a 1985 900T and have always wondered what it would cost to restore it to “showroom condition”. It’s not in bad shape as it is, but nobody’s going to think it’s a new car either. What does a restoration typically cost (range)?

  2. Imagine the exact same car, same color, no restoration work at all, with 204,000 miles on it — having been parked in a farm field for eight years after blowing a head gasket.

    That’s what I have sitting in a garage in Minneapolis, waiting for me to fix it. (Actually I’ve gotten everything but the head off – waiting for my busy life to subside a bit so I can get back to the project).

    It’s an inspirational picture. I’m going to have to get back to my project.

  3. Awesome car, it looks brand new! I just love the 99s! The 99 was the second SAAB in our family after a -66 SAAB 96. Since then -we’ve had plenty of SAABs, and still have ;/)

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