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I have my fair share of rants on this site, so I have to give credit where credit’s due, too. Time to kick up the heels for a second, then it’s head-down, bum-up for a continued run at the 160K target…..

These results really are worth some congratulations.


Saab Breaks Global Sales Records in First Quarter of 2006

Detroit, Mich.,– Saab sales are continuing to accelerate at a record-breaking pace, with all-time volume records achieved globally and in Europe for the first quarter of 2006.

Worldwide sales increased to 34,192 cars during the first three months of the year, a 24 per cent increase against the same period last year. In Europe, a 29% increase produced sales of 23,895 cars. Both results are all-time records for the brand, the strong performance in Europe building on last year’s annual volume record.

Each of Saab’s top ten markets – accounting for 85 per cent of total sales- posted increases, including all-time record volumes in the UK, Spain and Belgium. Saab total sales in the United States were up 12%, and retail sales up 17%, lead by the ongoing success of the Saab 9-3 and the 9-7X SUV.

In addition, the launch of the Saab 9-3 SportCombi range, the introduction of a new top-of-the-line 2.8V6 turbo engine and the outstanding success of the E85-powered Saab 9-5 BioPower in Sweden, where it is the top-selling environmentally-friendly vehicle, have all contributed to Saab’s strong global performance.

“We now have products in market segments where Saab was not represented before,” says Saab Automobile Managing Director Jan Åke Jonsson. “This is reflected in our excellent start to the year, with growth in all major markets including the United States.

“The launch of exciting concepts, such as the Saab Aero X in Geneva and the Saab BioPower Hybrid in Stockholm last month, is also focusing a great deal of attention on the Saab brand. It all means we can look forward to the rest of the year with great optimism.”

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  1. Looks like pure photoshop to me, Ken. Assuming all new models will adopt the Aero-X design language, those pics would be totally inconsistant with that. I’m also pretty sure I’ve got the original 9x photo on file that they were altered from.

  2. Fantastic news regarding the sales for 1Q – lets hope they hit 160000 this year.

    Id love to see a baby Saab based on the Opel Astra 2-door coupe which is a fantastic looking car!

  3. Typical GMDetroit…EU sales up almost 30% and conspicuous by its absence is any mention of the D-word. Get diesels and BioPower and PHEV US-approved. And get real Saab motors in this or the next 97s.

  4. Old pictures. I have seen them before. Nice, though, I wouldn’t complain if the new 9-1 or 9-2 looked something like that. 🙂

  5. Ok, so I was having breakfast and nothing else to do. F1 quali at Imola starts in about 4 hours. So I just checked the registration number that appears on the pictures of the “new small Saab” (see post above). This is what I got from the Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket) vehicle registry:

    Registration number: EJK957
    Colour: LIGHT GREY
    Make: SAAB E 2.3 LPT
    Model year: 1998
    Type of vehicle: CAR
    Chassi number: EF45E0W3050459
    Information: –
    Vehicle data
    Status (last reregistration): in traffic since July 2, 1999
    Number of owners: 4
    Date for first registration certificate: July 3, 1997
    Car maker: –
    Date for first (re)registration: 1997-07-10
    In commercial operation: –
    Date of manufacturing: –
    Private import: NO
    Under investigation: NO
    Temporary registration: NO
    Technical data
    Effect kW: 125
    Number of passengers: 4
    Maximum weight of trailer: 1800 KG
    Maximum weight of trailer with B permit in drivers license: 1450 KG
    Maximum weight of cargo in car: 420 KG
    Coupling device 1: KULA [don’t know the translation, but it’s standard type]
    Coupling device 2: –
    Front tyre dimension: –
    Rear tyre dimenasion: 215/55R16 93V
    Type of body: TÄCKT [ -> not cab]
    Fuel: GASOLINE
    Alternative fuel: –

    “Saab E”? Never heard of that one before. But of course, a car manufacturer propably can register strange vehicles. But this is odd. Owner number 2 of the vehicle was ANA Trollhättan AB ( – among other things, they seem to own the cars for employees at Saab) from May 5, 1999 – July 2, 1999. After that, it’s been privately owned. First for 2 months by someone near Trollhättan, then by someone way south in Sweden. The last vehicle inspection was September 9, 2005 (at 193.898 Kilometers).

    Of course, if a car is scraped, the the registration numbers will reappear on another car later. But then the database change with the info for new car. Here, tha database still say the car is a “Saab E 2.3 LPT”.

    Oh well, time to enjoy the first real sunny spring day after this long horrible winter!

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