Sales Data – Sweden

March was a bumper month indeed for Swedish Saab sales!!

The new 9-5, quite likely due to the new Biopower setup, was up 70.88% over March 2005.

Go read that again and let it sink in.

1,854 9-5’s were sold during the month, compared to 1,085 in March 2005. It was also a significant jump (1,000+) over the prior month. The 9-5’s marketshare is up to 5.8% of the Swedish market for the Jan-Mar quarter.


Still encouraging, but less spectacularly so, the 9-3 sold 822 units compared to 711 in March 2005. A rise of 15.61%. Worryingly, this was a fall from the prior month, when Saab sold 882 9-3’s. The 9-3 had a Swedish marketshare of 4.25% for the March quarter.

I don’t want to be a stick-in-the-mud, but I’d hoped to see better numbers for the 9-3 range. I know Biopower is taking off there and it’s 9-5 only at the moment, but I would have thought the SportCombi introduction into the 9-3 range would mean some bigger, increasing numbers.

Regardless, combined growth in Sweden is now at 49% for the year so far – a fantastic result.

Congratulations to Saab Sweden!!!

Thanks to ctm and Vector for the heads-up.

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  1. 9-3 sales will suffer until there is an E85 option.

    There are also speculation about possible bigger update for 2007.

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