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From Leftlane News, via Saabken, comes the possible notion that Saab could be planning a 2009 release of an Aero-X based production model to take on the Audi TT.

The full story will be in the next edition of Auto Express, so any UK readers that want to head down to their local newsagent and pick up a copy are encouraged to do so as the story hasn’t appeared at Auto Express online yet.

Please. Please. Let it be true.

LLN are reporting that as expected, a production version will involve A-pillars and standard doors. No word on drivetrain etc.

First questions: Is Kappa capable of AWD? Or could they build this thing on Epsilon II?

UPDATE: AutoExpress’ little brother publication, Evo, has an article on the Aero-X, including some points about the TT-fighter (9-?x) supposedly related to them by Saab engis in Sweden during the test drive:

Range-topping turbocharged Saabs – including the forthcoming TT rival – will get the Aero X’s DSG-style gearbox and its four-wheel-drive system, which engineers told us will be biased in favour of the rear wheels.

They also have this sensational, even if watermarked, photo… to enlarge


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  1. Well, naturally it’s just a drawing! 90 % of all car scoop pics are.
    It’s supposed to illustrate the information (that they have recieved or come up with themselves :))

  2. Its also about competition between countries. In 9-3 case when Sweden promised to improve logistic connections, some in German were calling it as illegal support.

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