SOTW – April 7

After just mentioning not getting around to some of the Saab O The Week entries I’ve received, I’ve found one I should have published a long time ago.

This one was sent to me by SaabKen out of beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I think this was taken a little south of there though, in Washington, USA. It’s a ’93 model Saab 9000 CDET (a designation I’m not familiar with actually).

That road sign shows plenty of promise for fun!!


All SOTW entries are photos of real Saabs owned by visitors to this blog. If you’d like your car featured in the SOTW section, just take a great, creative photo with your Saab and email it to me at swade99*at*

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  1. Isn’t that a nice looking drive ? We (SCWC) were on our first club drive to south of the 49th that day, along a road called The Chuckanut Drive, that used to be part of the Pacific Highway/Hwy #99 that stretched from California through Oregon, Washington and BC, before the interstates (I-5) were built. See:

    This 9000 belongs to one of our esteemed members, Pam. It’s a ’93 9000T CDE (sedan/saloon). She takes credit for capturing the image. I just send it in to you 🙂

  2. My, my, my. How beautiful those Aero wheels are! As opposed to, say, those NASTY-LOOKING TURBINE wheels on the AeroX. OK, I feel a little better now.. great pic Pam.

  3. “My, my, my. How beautiful those Aero wheels are!”
    How can you tell when the wheels are all a blur at speed–even those those NASTY-LOOKING TURBINE wheels? I’ll bet blurry turbine wheels would pump more air over the brakes than blurry Aero wheels;-) When in motion–that’s when all Saabs are beatiful.

  4. I’m not certain, but I’d put a Looney on those wheels beeing the Square Short Spoke Alloys which were available on (primarily) 9000’s in the early 90’s.

    The ’94 Aero wheels have a deeper “sweep” through the spokes to the rim, and directionals don’t have such a deep rim surface.

    And, unless it has non-original wheels, the all silver Aero wheels weren’t even installe don cars until ’94.

    Great picture, and great roadway. (Chuckanut! I love the names there in Wastern WA.) I’ve driven part of that road.

    ’93 Aero, 5spd, White/ Black, 71Kmiles

    Pam? Saab Ken?

  5. Peter is correct, those wheels on Pam’s ’93 9000CDET are not aero wheels but what’s known as sunburst or teardrop pattern alloys, very common on 9000s.

    The silver aero wheels you referred to are called “super aero” wheels (not charcoal spokes), whereas the charcoal version is the standard aero wheels, which I have. Also the super aero spokes are convexed while aero spokes are flat.


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