That 9-3 Monster (again)

I just received some more pictures of that 9-3 Sports Sedan that I showed here last week. These were sent in by Tim, who happens to own the Viggen featured in our first ever SOTW calendar, but I digress….

There’s some great detail here. Note how far they’ve had to push the engine back into the engine bay. Ay Carumba!

Don’t know much else about the car, but the magic stat being bandied around is the rather beefy 805hp figure. It’s also AWD. I’m not sure if this has been bred purely for show or for racing (and if so, what kind). Can’t wait to find out though.

One pic here…..


…..and a few more after the jump:

Monster9-3 - 1.jpg


Monster9-3 - 2.jpg


Monster9-3 - 3.jpg


  1. This car is beautiful and I can’t wait to see (and hear) it in person.

    Some info:
    *The builder is called P-A Johansson and comes from Vänersborg about 10 km from Trollhättan.
    *His previous car was a GM900 with as far as I know basically the same engine that he used for dragracing so my guess would be that the same is true for this car.
    *The pictures are taken at SaabANA, the Saab dealership in Trollhättan.
    *Some pictures from the build can be seen at

  2. Yea! I read an article about this guy and his GM900. It was also near 800 HP. Very impressive. The GM 900 was an odd yellow, but it still had that griffen on it!

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