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I’ll repeat it here for those that haven’t scrolled down below:

According to emails I’ve received from Saab – now from three sources on both sides of the Atlantic – the notion that Saab are going to produce a scaled down version of the Aero-X is “pure speculation”.

I can assure you that according to these three sources, the writings in Auto Express this week, by Sam Hardy and now available online, are a mixture of fantasy and idle chit-chat, combined with a few factual errors and some straight talk at the end.

Auto Express were one of the groups fortunate enough to go on a hosted drive of the car a few weeks ago. It seems they’ve turned speculative conversation, the type that your Auto journalist could get into on such occasions, into a speculative article.

Saab’s jet-inspired sports car concept has been given the green light for production, Auto Express can exclusively reveal.

“Pure Speculation”

They go on to indicate a number of features that the car will have. An impressive list that I’d certainly hope for if the car was to make it into production, which it won’t.

Then there’s this:

Based on General Motors’ all-new Theta II platform – which also underpins the next 9-3, due in 2008 – both newcomers are to be offered with a choice of two and four-wheel drive.

Oops. According to everything I’ve read. the new 9-3 will be on Epsilon II, Sam.

They straighten out with an actual quote later on, which does confirm what we’ve heard all along:

Designer Anthony Lo told us: “A crossover SUV will arrive first, followed by the next 9-5. Both cars will be inspired by the Aero X.”

And this is the purpose of the Aero-X. A design study and pointer for the future.

I wish they would produce it. I’ve written an entire article about why I think they should make it. I think they’d sell every one they made. But according to everything I’m hearing, they won’t.


This is completely non-Saab related, but I thought it was funny. This is a screenshot from Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited website about 10 minutes ago (I’m sure it’ll be gone soon):


That’s one tough guy. Get’s killed then escapes in a taxi!!


Toyota have announced plans to start selling e85 flex fuel vehicles in the US from 2008.

Here’s hoping the 9-5 Biopower is well and truly entrenched and properly marketed by then.


Plug-in rant coming shortly.

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  1. I’m a Toyota fan (used to own a very nice one…) but I don’t want them to surpass GM. It sucks GM has to spend for the advertising, but hey whatever moves E85 mainstream is good for us car enthusiasts cuz we love power…

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