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Hi all,

Almost back to normal here. The view out of the window as I’m typing this has made it all worthwhile. I’ll stitch together a panorama sometime and post it. Awesome.


I’m waiting for some more information, but the rumour going around is that “Plugin-gate” was ordered by someone very high up in the pecking order at GM. Someone we’re all quite familiar with.


I spotted this picture this morning on my Flickr feed.

Saab’s USA presence started 50 years ago at the New York Auto Show, so they decided to recreate a little bit of that particular display by showing the original Saab Sonett.

There’s only six of these beauties in existence and only two of those are in the United States. One is owned privately by a former Saab dealer and then there’s this one, owned by Saab USA.



I’m sure they’d prefer me not to write this one…..

Apparently there’s been some troubles opening the sophisticated canopy on the Aero-X whilst on display at the NYIAS. Which wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t someone already in the car.


Jalopnik has the full (short) story, but this picture should tell you around about the usual 1,000 words.


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  1. That old Sonett could be re-issued today without a single change to the coachwork and it would fly as an ‘update’ of the old design. That is, it looks like one of those ‘reissues’ (a la Thunderbird or Mini Cooper) that’s true to the old design but updates it all around. It’s still looks fresh!! I say that Saab goes for the AeroX and the Sonett 1.1 as two new products — I want the Sonett!!!

  2. They had problems with the canopy when shown in Trollhattan too, the doors would pop out but the canopy would only lift about 10-20cm.

  3. Following the born from Jets campaign to its illogical extreme…..you’d think they could add an explosive charge to blow the canopy away + add an ejector seat.

  4. I have some amusing pics of some Saab techs “fixing” the canopy, where it looks like they’re trying to break into the car. I didn’t include that in my initial batch, Swade, but I’ll send them over tonight.


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