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Hi all. Extremely busy today, but hoping for some more motorsport coverage in the next 24 hours.


There’s been a Saab Recall reported at Consumer Affairs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has forced a recall of over 11,000 9-3s from 2001 in order to fix a fuel line problem.

On some of the vehicles, the fuel pump retaining taps that secure the fuel line to the pump were damaged during production.

NHTSA warns that the problem over time could cause a fuel leak and fire.

Saab dealers will secure the fuel line to the pump with a bracket that will hold even if the retaining tab breaks.

The Saab 9-3 recall is expected to get underway in May.


GM are hiring more designers. I’ll write more about one notable Saab concept design later. Thanks to WooDz for finding it (damn, the links are back on my home PC, grrrrr!).


Autoweek are writing up the smaller Saab story from last week, though they report it as a competitor for the BMW 3-series, which I think is a typo.

They’re also saying it’ll be based on the Opel Astra, a base consistent with what’s been previously mentioned about this car.


The next post will be post number 900 on this site. Any ideas what it should be about??

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  1. This sounds like the recall that has been out in Oz for about 6 months,and it only affects the convertables.Wow dont say we were first at something or nuthin

  2. Saw my first 2006 9-5 on the open road today. Kirtland, Ohio, route 6 westbound about 1 mile before route 306, 5:20 PM, Silver.
    Off topic I know, but I just had to tell someone! No one I know cares.

  3. The problem the recall is about is MUCH BIGGER than Saab and GM will recognize. Recently while driving my 2001 Saab, I suddenly started smelling gasoline. The fuel gauge started dropping. I barely made it to my mechanic’s shop. When we next started the car we saw gasoline pouring down from the top of the tank, splashing close to the exhaust system. The car was a traveling Molitov Cocktail waiting to happen and I was very lucky the car didn’t catch on fire….
    The fuel tank was pulled and we saw that the plastic retaining tab holding the fuel lines into the tank was broken. The shop owner called Carter Saab, in Seattle, to order the part. He asked them if there had been any type of service notice on this issue because it seemed a highly unusual and obviously dangerous, thing to happen. Carter told him there was not. My mechanic called Saab and they were very interested in hearing our car had the problem. But they didn’t tell him WHY they were so interested….
    I didn’t believe that a design so cheap wouldn’t have had reported problems so did an internet search. I easily found Safety Notice 15018 describing exactly what my problem was. I called Saab and told them, and they told me yes, it was a recall issue and they would pay my repair ($263).
    However, to my surprise I was told a week later that no, they would not pay for the repair. Saab says that because my VIN is not part of their recall, I don’t have a problem. The people who I talked to at Saab know goddam well how idiotic that position is; one woman was almost in tears over it. The US government’s NHSTA has an open file on it because they’ve discovered 6 more cars with the problem that have VINs that Saab didn’t believe had the problem. Now they have 7 because I turned mine into them. So it is amazingly stupid that GM is trying to pretend it isn’t happening.
    I now understand why General Motors is going under. I would NEVER buy another one of their products. To me, the issue is not the $263 I spent that they won’t cover. The issue is that the 9-3 Saab has a serious and dangerous possible safety issue, and they won’t stand behind it.
    I think every Saab on the road with that cheap (the plastic part costs under $5 retail at the dealer) fuel system attachment design should be pulled off the road and inspected. I’m sure there have been car fires and likely even deaths as a result of it.
    My car is a Model: 9-3, Year: 2001, VIN: YS3DD58H912001823,

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