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What a bastard!!

Not only did he allegedly assault his girlfriend (reason enough to be labelled a bastard in my book), it’s also alleged that he continued his rampage and torched her convertible!

A MAN has appeared in court accused of torching his girlfriend’s £26,000 Saab convertible.

Paul Maskell is alleged to have got into a row with Christine Marriott, assaulted her and then set fire to her car at Orwell on Monday, February 20.


I don’t need to tell you that the facelifted 9-5 is a like it or hate it car in terms of its styling. There’s little room in between and I think there’s few that “love it”.

These guys don’t come far off, though. From the Northwest Indiana Times.

For 2006, the Saab 9-5 takes off with aggressive front fascia styling that features the stealthy look of black-out headlamp housings that appear pulled back by Mach 1 velocity.

A refreshed hood design, sculpted front fenders and steep-raked windshield add to the 9-5’s aerodynamic persona. The vehicle cuts through the air with a 0.29 drag coefficient on the sedan and 0.31 measured across the wagon model. That’s fast company considering 9-5’s corporate cousin Chevrolet Corvette yields 0.28 of drag.

The big kicker in terms of making the 2006 9-5 a viable purchase option is the value for money compared with the 2005 model. In short, the 2006 is a killer in comparison and I think once more is made of this, we’ll see a rise in numbers in the US.

It’s got Aero+ performance at 260hp, yet it’s around $2,000 less. I know what I’d be doing if I were in that market.


And they’re not the only ones. I don’t know how many cars Saab sell in Malaysia, but Jeremy Mahadevan, the writer for the New Straits Times sure likes the new 9-5.

Previously, it looked sombre and stately, now it looks sleek, stern and futuristic…..

…..Yes, this is a cool car. It’s arresting, and if seen in rear-view mirrors it would no doubt command respect and inspire switches out of the fast lane.

Inside, the changes are similarly satisfying. Instead of a plethora of buttons and plastics that could have come off Billy the Kid’s toy pistol, it now features some handsome knobs and dials with silver accents, and a new set of nicely squidgy, rubbery plastics, making this seem a far more expensive product.

The ergonomic value of the controls is, as is typical with Saab, sky-high.

Interestingly, they’re still offering variation on the engines in the new 9-5 in Malaysia, with a 2.0L engine still available and the 260hp offering in the Aero designation. Obviously, the one-model campaign is for the all-important US market which is all the more reason to give it some more significant airtime over there (hey, sometimes I overlook these differences between markets – so shoot me).

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  1. Loved this line in the New Straits Times article:
    “If Liza Minnelli had a facelift like this one, she’d be walking around sporting body parts and organs from half the participants in ‘America’s Next Top Model’.”

    Also, glad to see someone who isn’t so über-critical of a little turbo lag:
    “… but it wouldn’t really be a Saab if it didn’t flaunt its turbocharged character.”

    I suggest everyone go to the article and rate it a “5” (see bottom of article), let them know we appreciate their high regard for the car. Maybe we’ll get more reviews like it.

  2. Dont get me wrong…I like the 95, but a 5-series car w/o a V6 and the exceptional ReaXs rear-steer will be a harder sell…and there is no reason for it. The 95 was the “test-mule” for the 93, and it is high time to incorporate those upgrades into a car thats fetching that much more cash. Its the only way the 95 will ever be a serious contender against bmw5, audiA6, mbE, etal and shut Saab-bashing autojourno pieholes! One word Jay…diesel. Test drive available.
    Finally the 93 coffee-table book #0220889 if its still avaliable should be in every dealer lounge.

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