Weekend Racing: Swede Team Motor

As promised, here’s a rundown on Swede Team Motor’s racing for the meeting at Mantorp Park last weekend.

It’s was car 93, the diesel powered Saab 9-3 Sports Sedan, running in the Swedish Endurance Trophy (or SLC for short). This was the first of 6 SLC meetings to be held this season. The meet consisted of one 3-hour race on Saturday and a 6-hour race on Sunday.

STM diesel Apr 1.jpg
Diesel power – click to enlarge


  1. Just to clearify, the E85 race Saab does not belong to Swede Team Motor. It is Anders Weglin Racing (www.awr.se)that are running this car.

    The STM petrol car is being rebuilt, and was not ready for racing this weekend. I can not reveal any details but just wait until next race, 20th of May, and you will be surprised…


    Anders Johansson
    Race controller STM 1.9 TiD/R car

  2. “Go STM! We are all with you.”
    Same here.
    Swade, please keep us informed on this. I don’t see a lot of comments but I’m sure there’s a ton of interest.

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