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Howdy all. I’ve been off watching a bit of Targa Tasmania today. Sadly, there’s no Saab in the event this year. Last year I did extensive coverage of the event as there was a 99 Turbo entered. This year, I was doing my best to catch up with the 1938 Alfa Romeo 6C Mille Miglia. Unfortunately, the historic class vehicles didn’t do the one stage I went to today (doh!) so maybe I’ll catch them on another stage tomorrow.

It was also unfortunate that a Mini went off the track at the popular Domain stage here in Hobart and injured 3 people in the crowd. Questions are going to be asked.

Other Targa news – one Lamborghini caught fire this year and the other has big clutch problems. Pieces of crap, they are.

Jim Richards is on target for his eighth Targa title. Bloody Porsche drivers.


I thought I should let you know that I HAVE received a response from GM to my diesel question from the other day. For those that didn’t read it, I emailed GM asking quite straightforwardly if there will be a diesel release in the USA in the near future, given that fuel regulations in the US will mandate low-sulfur diesel from October this year.

The reply was rather (deliberately) vague, with the promise of a straight-up answer soon. Whether the announcement that’s coming pertains to a diesel release or a firm announcement on a Biopower release is yet to be revealed.

But the promise is that there will be something announced reasonably soon.


Seems it ain’t news until Edmunds says it’s so, but it’s good to see some of the other bigger services finally picking up on the 9-1 news and getting it right with regard to the 3-series/1-series competition thing.


The new 9-5 was officially released in Australia yesterday and much is being made of the increased trim and performance coinciding with a price decrease.

Here’s hoping the combination moves some stock.

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