2007 9-3 chatter

Posting will be light for the next few days as I’m away for work.

But I can bring you a bit of chatter I received from my orginal Djup Strupe (remember those first 9-5 photos last year??). I’ve received a little bit of info about the 2007 9-3 range, which we’ll probably see in a facelifted form from later this year (Paris perhaps?)

We’ve already learned through the Aero-X process that the 9-3 will probably get some exterior restyling that adopts some of the Aero-X language. What I’ve received from Djup Strupe is a little info on the interior:

>9-5 MY06 air.con controls
>9-5 MY06 instruments
>SID display will leave top of dash and goes into instruments as the 9-5 MY06

>aluminium look plat surrounding the dash + top of glove compartment

>lighter (much lighter) wood colour

Looks like the standardisation continues, some of which I think is OK, but some of which definitely isn’t. After reading the first few chapters of Lance Cole’s 99 & 900 book last night (in a dingy hotel room here in Launceston) I’m marvelling all over again at the wondrous design work that came from the pens of Sixten Sason and Bjorn Envall.

September’s going to be interesting. Anyone with a cameraphone, please send in your 9-3 pics via email.

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  1. Frankfurt is not this year !

    this year is paris ! 😉

    Etienne is referring to the fact that I originally had Frankfurt in the text of the above article, rather than Paris. Thanks for the correction – my error (oops)

  2. I hate that aluminium crap. ..same goes for light colored wood. I love the dark wood the original owner had fitted to my 900.

  3. I think the interior of the 9-3 is the biggest thing that can be improved. If they get rid of the myriad of buttons it will be a success in my book. I like the ACC controls on the 9-5 so they should be a perfect fit. I kind of liked the SID at the top of the dash, but I also think it’s ok in the IP. What this Saab really needs is Bluetooth capability in the US. All of its competitors have it, and it’s available in Europe. OnStar is good and all, but GM needs to know a good thing when it sees it.

  4. I like buttons, but then that’s just me. :)Much easier to use, in my opinion. Good thing they move the SID from top of dash. I find it much easier to read in sunny weather when it’s in the instruments like the old 9-3/900. Can’t wait to see pics of the facelift. Maybe I buy a new 9-3 this year after all… 🙂

  5. whats all the fuss about, there is no need to sneek around trying to snap pics of what the new 9-3 interior will look like. just go to your local Caddy dealer and sit inside a BLS, hopefull i`m wrong.

  6. Hehe… One thing I hope they can learn from the Cadillac BLS is the way to do the sound insulation (I think it’s called in English…). The Cadillac is really a nice and quiet ride…


    Taken from an article published on Bilsport, a swedish site.

    Saab: Engine assembly stays
    Saab Automobile dements all rumours that the engine assembly in Södertälje is shutting down. But, on the other hand, production will be focused on the BioPower engine.

    According to german Automobile Woche, GM wants to completely shut down the Södertälje plant.
    – Rumours that we deny completely, says Kjell Bergström, head of information on GM Powertrain. What we are starting a discussion about with the Unions, is a change in the production. All assembly of the L850-engine, a 9-3 engine, will be moved to Kaiserslautern, where it’s made.
    But, Södertälje will overtake the german production of the engine to the BioPower-engine to the new 9-5 series.

  8. 9-3 2007

    the interieur will look like the caddilac bls (a little diffrent but not to much.the 9-3 wil get a nosejob. i work for saab-dealer in the netherlands this is what i know

  9. Moving down the SID is exactly what they’ve done on the BLS. Also the BLS has a regular Kenwood touchscreen NAV so I guess we can say goodbye to the awful MOST-network now!!!!

    I think GM wants the 9-3 will share as many parts a possible with the BLS to cut costs. For good and bad. The BLS is quite and well built in my opinion. But loosing Saab specific features like the now nicely placed SID is a shame…

  10. I suspect Saabrep is gonna post a pic of the BLS – no?

    If Saab ‘does a number’ on the 9-3 and turns it into a Saab BLS I will never buy a new Saab.

  11. I did post about changes on 9-3 few weeks ago, interior changes are for year 2007 and exterior for 2008.

    2007 9-3 face lift:
    radio from 9-5 (same as euro-cadillac bls bts bms or whateva you call),
    no more info display on dash,more wood trim,hood shape new,spoiler and lights new,door handle
    from cadillac,on back more clear lights in 2007,silver strip below SAAB logo. Also I saw pics of new smaller SUV (on it’s own platform).

    Posted by: Jacek | May 2, 2006 10:41 AM

  12. Hello, I’m new here but I am SAAB driver for many years, and I am slowly tired from “new” SAAB story’s. My third one is one year old SAAB 9.3 SS Vector 2.0 t and it is definitely best driving SAAB till now , but I’m afraid when they not able to resist to GM (like Volvo to Ford) it will be the last. First I miss beautiful cockpit from my 900 SE and from all , material quality , I know you can say “than is 9.5 choice” but do you believe or not , I am 2 meter man and I have more leg – space in 9.3 (cockpit is somehow higher) than in 9.5 , and new “9.5 facelift” is not that what I identify with SAAB tradition . What I would to say about new model is , we all see the new Aero X , it is beautiful , like all studies from SAAB ,but message from SAAB , how I understand is “We would like that our car’s look like this , but decision is someone else” , and so new Saab’s like we are use to ,are more and more a dream than a reality.

  13. Some of you are missing the point here about the 9-3’s interior being revised like the BLS. The BLS is a rebadged 9-3, not the other way around. If anything this will make Cadillac look worse, which doesn’t present a good business case for GM. It’s like how the 9-2x’s interior looked different from a 2004 WRX’s, but looked exactly the same to the 2005’s.

  14. z,
    my point is that the common belief is that Saab is just getting rebadged models from GM (as in the traditional GM brands). This is a case where Cadillac took a Saab and rebadged it. Technically, the BLS is a Saab that’s been restyled as a Cadillac. The 9-3 is not a Cadillac that’s been restyled. Therefore, the interior is a Saab design, not a Cadillac one.

    But now that we’ve actually seen the 07 interior pictures, I don’t have much of a point.

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