2007 9-3 chatter

Posting will be light for the next few days as I’m away for work.

But I can bring you a bit of chatter I received from my orginal Djup Strupe (remember those first 9-5 photos last year??). I’ve received a little bit of info about the 2007 9-3 range, which we’ll probably see in a facelifted form from later this year (Paris perhaps?)

We’ve already learned through the Aero-X process that the 9-3 will probably get some exterior restyling that adopts some of the Aero-X language. What I’ve received from Djup Strupe is a little info on the interior:

>9-5 MY06 air.con controls
>9-5 MY06 instruments
>SID display will leave top of dash and goes into instruments as the 9-5 MY06

>aluminium look plat surrounding the dash + top of glove compartment

>lighter (much lighter) wood colour

Looks like the standardisation continues, some of which I think is OK, but some of which definitely isn’t. After reading the first few chapters of Lance Cole’s 99 & 900 book last night (in a dingy hotel room here in Launceston) I’m marvelling all over again at the wondrous design work that came from the pens of Sixten Sason and Bjorn Envall.

September’s going to be interesting. Anyone with a cameraphone, please send in your 9-3 pics via email.