2007 9-3 interior photo

Sorry for the delay, but PC access up here is less than optimal. Notes about the new 9-3 interior were posted here yesterday. Thanks to the good graces of a few fine fellows, we now have something to look at. I’ll keep their identity quiet for obvious reasons.

Please remember that these things quite often look better in the flesh. I’m sure your opinions will be forthcoming in comments. My 0.02c – The lack of differentiation with the 9-5 is quite disturbing.

Anyway, without further ado – here it is.

You can also view a slightly larger version: View image

2007 93 inside sml.jpg

Below: for comparison, the 9-5 Vector interior.

9-5 interior

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  1. I may have stones thrown at me for saying this – but I actually like it. Nice update. I personally dislike the current stereo system in my 9-3 – far too many buttons, not much logical function and placement of them.

  2. I think it’s cleaner and more efficient looking – even simple. I even like the wood color – it makes the interior look older and more traditional (in a good way). However, I wish the dashboard curved in one even arc, like the 9-5. Also, what appears to be chrome surrounding the dash and vent knobs is superfluous.

  3. I kind of like it too. I like the colors–I’m tired of seeing gray or black everything. But I don’t like the metal around the instrument panel, or around the gauges. But it’s okay on the knobs–makes them easier to find quickly.

  4. I can’t say that I really like it. I think I would rather they kept the interior that they have now than go with this one. Maybe they are trying to save money by using the exact same parts for the 9-5 and 9-3. In any cas, I’ve never really liked the lighter wood. Looks too cheap to me.

  5. One nail in the 9-3s coffin and even nastier looking than the 9-5 interior. Looks cheap, no it looks CHEAP and very very very tacky! Now all they have to do is put a 9-5 front end on the car and Saab goes off of my shopping list!

    Johnny Aero said it best though…. (Im off to cry now!)

  6. I’ve never seen those controls and such outside of a Saab, and I have to say I think it looks great. I think the simplification makes it resemble the old 900 in a way. I thought I wouldn’t like the ligher colored wood, but it looks good combined with everything else.

  7. I like the wood treatment. Looks clean and modern, as does the whole cockpit. Nice, but BORING. If not for the key in the center console, how is this interior different from any other near-luxury car’s interior?

    SAAB seems to be losing more and more of its uniqueness.

  8. Saab needs a serious makeover, NOW!! A car much like the “New 9-5 sketch” that Swade posted on 18May would make the world take notice and say WHOAA! If they fail to put some excitement into the range by 2008 Saab will be no more in 2010. I reckon Saab will be lucky to move 125000 cars in 2007 as Saabs are not individual anymore – they are just plain ugly much like a Yugo! I cannot believe what GM has done to the brand but we all know what it needs to do!

  9. With the exception of the gauges, I rather like the new interior, especially the lighter tone of the wood trim. I’m afraid to see the upcoming exterior photos, however. I like the 9-3 as it is now, especially the contrast of the black rub strips against the painted exterior panels.

  10. Ever since the 9-3 SS was released, the traditional essence and uniqueness was on its way out and continuing it seems. But let’s don’t forget that we all are a very small group of die hard enthusiasts that want to keep the originals in to perpetuity. This is the ideal world. In the real world, volume sales and addressing market trends and needs is what keeps everyone in business. GM is to blame as much as the general public demands for the making of this average interior which I do not prefer to the old ones. But have a look at the BMW, Merc and even Porsche’s interior and compare. Saab’s updated interior looks a hell of a lot classier than that lot.

  11. First I must say the picture looks a little Photoshoped to me. I guess this is pretty much how it will look but as Swade pointed out it will look even better in the flesh.

    The photo also doesn’t show the NAV and the metal instead of wood inlays. This will in my opinion make it look evens better.

    Notice the SAAB aeroplane logo where the SID used to be. Also the handbrake and Smartslot looks kind if funny.

    What I want to know is how much changes there has been under the hood. Like soundproofing and most important, have the gotten rid of the poor stereo system? I like to be able to put my own Pioneer NAV in something that’s has been impossible with the current 9-3SS due to the complexity of the MOST-network. Hope its gone!

  12. Hmm… Scandinavian design is NOT about chrome and dark plastic and white plastic and some wood – all together in chaos… 🙁

    I used to buy Saab because they DON’T follow all trends and fashion when it comes to design… *sigh*

  13. I think myself the image is a photo shop, I like the over all look but there are a few problems with the image,
    1. there is an boot release button on the drivers door which does not prove any thing on its own as even thought it was removed after I think MY04 on the saloon it does appear now on the Compi but it go me looking.
    2. The steering wheel is wrong the centre where you press the horn is MY06 but the stitching cuts are running horizontal which is not MY06. on MY06 the cuts come in from a 11 and 1 o clock position to the centre.
    3. Lastly the stitching on the gear knob is not MY06 but MY04, because at the back there are two stitching seams on the back which is not MY06. MY06 gear knobs only have one stitching seam at the back. From what I can see the image is of a MY03/04 car.


  14. one more think the new tumb rests are missing of the Vector steering wheel which should be on a MY06 car

  15. one more think the new tumb rests are missing of the Vector steering wheel which should be on a MY06 car

  16. I wonder how much they save per vehicle with these changes. That would put some perspective into this matter.

  17. Ok, this is obviously a photoshop (just check the pixels on the windows etc.), but I think this looks very good! In my opinion, and I’ve had two 9-3’s already, they have the best interior design available in their segment.

  18. I really don’t like it, it’s cheap. Part sharing is a cheap shot. Losing the SID up top the dash is WRONG. It is brilliant design & styling & cool and I love it, cockpit ‘feel’ is sooo important when you spend hours in a car. I would have thought the 95 would ‘upgrade’ to the 93 styling rather than the other way round.

    The 93 goes ‘grandad’… i’m gonna cry.

  19. “Ok, this is obviously a photoshop”

    Leaked 9-5 interior was also computer generated and sadly it proved to be real thing. This seems to be regular layout format of what is given to some Saab representatives.

  20. OK – now we want to see the face of the 9-3. I am starting to really dig the new look – didn’t for a while, now really do. Just ordered the red sportwagon – really wish the Hirsh kit was available in the US market.

  21. If, this is it ( Big ?), then that’s it, the end is nigh.

    Why, because this interior looks like nothing less than the Lexusification of Saab – which means it’s a BMW / Mercedes copy thats been genetically modified with a charisma by-pass.

    Beige, wood fillets, grey applique, and gosh, some silver ridging around the binnacle.

    This is no more inspired by an aircraft cockpit than my dog’s dinner bowl.

    Rant over.

    Will someone save Saab?

    Or do you all like it?

    Ignore me if you do…

  22. Perhaps the 9-3 dash should have been simplified just a bit, but just FYI, that head unit is the exact one currently being used in the Chevy Impala (go to Chevrolet.com to have a look). GM’s obsession with homogenization continues.

  23. Hi People , Let’s be frankly . Different between SAAB and other in the 80’s and 90’s was like between Windows and Linux . But are you forgotten SAAB was bayed by GM and it will be THE END of story

  24. The interior colors and materials are acceptable to my eye, but what really bothers me is the loss of the SID.

    I like the cockpit feel of my 93ss, and have grown to appreciate the superior ergonomics of the SID over traditional console mounted displays.

    Saab should be looking for MORE ways to increase cockpit ergonomics. This is a brand differentiator.

    I don’t just want an aesthetically pleasing interior, I want a superior driving experience!

  25. I have to say personaly the radio and HVAC controls are much more user friendly. Also the SID is much easier to control off the steering wheel.

  26. If you make synergies with other brands, to make synergies between the models of the same brand, then where is the uniqueness??

    I hate the fashion that nowadays are quite common of making all the interiors and exteriors of differents models of the same brand that look exactly the same…….You can give to every models synergies in technicall features and many design cues to make a distinctive in design and give a brand image. But if all the models are the same but only with different height and wide, for me it loose all the sense.

    I don’t like the new 9-5 interior, with those rounded controls and GM controls. Its a fashion that I hate a lot, that everybody uses those rounded controls. I love the climate screen that gives an easy and centralized info about how is customized the functions of the climate.

    My father has a MB ML 350 W164, its rubbish the way is controlled the onboard computer and all the customized functions in a small screen under the speedo, the only good point is that the controls are in the steering.

    I prefer to make every function in one button than only one button to control many functions through a screen. The Idrive, command and those systems are just rubbish and you must control many common functions that commonly are used with a button.

  27. Bland and dumbed down. I’m not a fan of wood in cars so I’ll wait until I can see the aluminum variant, but using the same headunit as available in GM’s other line-up of McCars really does a disservice to the uniqueness that once was a SAAB. Clearly bean counting has won out over ergonomics and style.

  28. I agree with Eduard regarding the buttons, it’s confusing and SLOW to have one button controlling many functions. I drove a Cadillac Escalade one time and that was enough for me. It was very difficult scrolling through a list while driving in heavy traffic.
    Single-function buttons may be confusing at first glance, but very quick and efficient once learned–kind of like shortcut keys on the keyboard beat the mouse every time.

  29. This does not look like the pre-production models on the production line… First of all the adjustment knobs for the air-inlet are not chromed like in the picture… and the handbrake is not leather like in the picture…

    This picture is a poor photoshop version of the car to come…

  30. Its quite clear that it is a simply photoshop, but remember the photoshop from the 9-5……..

    I thing that if Saab would like to recover its Aeronautical heritage, then it must demonstrate it with facts, not only following the “fashions” and make as the past with that philosophy like “beyond conventional” in some features demonstrating its innovation.

    As I explained before, the massive buttons on the dashboard could be in some terms unnecessary and a little confusing, but its more logical and also easy to use. I think that the perfect combination of a central knob/button to control the profiler and customizing features, and in the climate, radio and other features with buttons well distributed for the important and most used functions.

    For example in the ACC, if I would like to control the temperature of both sides of the cabin, then I must play with both rounded controls?? I would like an uniform distribution of the temperature, because if there is a difference its very annoying to listen the ACC working harder to make one side more or less cooler/hotter than the other. If I change simultaneously the temperature the ACC is smoother and also silent.

    The the screen of the climate it gives you an easy way to see all the parameters of the ACC, and avoids to make more effort to see the temperature and put the adecuate tempearature. In the ML, my father sometimes its unable to put the correct temperature and also to see what temperature is graduated and must loos more time taking a look at those rounded controls.

    Saab must change the door panels, the fitment and the plastics of the central tunel that make some squeaks when you touch it and also those interior door handholds with hard plastic that everytime you touch it its makes some cracking sounds.

  31. Posted by Tim “This picture is a poor photoshop version of the car to come…”

    I only hope you are right but I have the feeling this is it!

  32. If this photo even remotely represents the interior of the MY07 9-3 SS, consider my screen name changed to ajpmBMW. As much as I love the “idea” and understated charm of SAAB and have for years, I can’t escape the feeling that both General Motor’s culture and misfortunes have sealed SAAB’s long descent into the realm of homogenized mediocrity. Only one who is too naïve or too optimistic would look at the evidence presented over the past few years (notwithstanding the Aero-X) and think that SAAB is headed in the right direction. For instance, is this proposed interior (let’s assume for a second that the photo is legit) truly an improvement over the former, or does it reek of parts sharing, cost-cutting, homogenization, and total disregard for the integrity and nobility of SAAB as a brand, and also as a culture for some. Considering the fact that the 9-5 has become a lame duck model, and the 9-2X and the 9-7X already were to one extent or another, the 9-3 SS, even though it is indeed a departure from our SAAB’s of yore, is the last remaining vestige of something that is “acceptably SAAB” and “uniquely SAAB enough.” To turn it into a cost-cutting lame duck model with a retrofitted nose job like the 9-5 is just too much for me to bear. As long as GM views SAAB as a “refined Pontiac with value-added content,” I think those of us who visit and read this site looking for a shred of a renaissance at SAAB, will continue to be disappointed. That being said, I think Swade does a great job with the site, I hope the MY07 9-3 SS does not lose the dash-top SID or resemble the above-posted picture, and I remain guardedly optimistic that Porsche will buy SAAB and we can all live happily ever after!

  33. I would suggest SAAB hire some ergonomics experts the next time they design an interior. Is this proposed 9-3 interior the ultimate in ergonomics and that’s why every auto manufacturer’s interiors are starting to look exactly the same?

    I prefer a driver’s side cockpit that wraps around the driver somewhat. I don’t mind trying to cut-down on buttons (Scandanavian design is minimalist) or even parts sharing if the part being shared is superior to the old one (let’s face it, SAAB’s Delphi sound systems have left something to be desired). Even the simplified A/C controls are a turn in the right direction, IMHO, even if they are shared from other GM automobiles. At least they’re an improvement. I like the wood treatment too. Looks more natural. I always thought the darker woods look more like plastic simulations of wood.

    What I don’t like is the relocation of the SID to the gauges like every other auto manufacturer does to cut costs. I also would like to see the door release relocated/redesigned. The current one isn’t really ergonomic.

    If SAAB’s going to borrow something from its other GM cousins, why not the HUD or night vision system from Caddy? What’s more fighter-inspired than a HUD and night vision!?!? Move the SID to the HUD along with speedometer, tach, and most other gauges. Project the night vision image onto the windscreen like Caddy as well. Eliminate the traditional gauges altogether and cut the dash above the driver’s eyeline lower now that there are no physical gauges for better visibility. SAAB drivers (for safety’s sake) shouldn’t have to take their eyes off the road to read their speed, SID, or other info.

    Lastly, I’d also like to see some solar-powered panels in the roof power a ventilation system in the car when it’s parked like the option in the old AUDI A8, living in Southern California and all. I’m sure you Aussies would find this a welcome option too!

    Maybe I’m being too futuristic, but some of these things are already available on other GM models and wouldn’t have to be specifically designed for SAAB, just borrowed. This would put them ahead of the competition technologically. Does BMW have a HUD? Night vision? Only a car “born from jets” would have such a thing!

  34. My last SAAB was a 2004 9-3 1.8T Vector Convertible and I was pleased to note that it was the first of the General’s SAABs to actually feel like one. I saw this happening with the “facelift” of the 9-5 (although if i’d been given a nip and tuck like that, i’d sue the surgeon) and figured it would be only a matter of time before the 9-3 followed. I’ve been a lifelong SAAB fan since I paid £2500 for my first 1987 900i S in white and fell in love immediately, I’d say my 2004 9-3 was my last brand new SAAB. Time to start seeking out those early 90s 900s and turning them into classics! 🙂

  35. This is aweful. Saab interiors are supposed to look like jet fighter cockpits, hence all the buttons and switches they used to have. I know GM says the change is for user experience but that’s what makes a Saab quirky. If their intent was on cleaning it up, they should have used the interior design cues of the Aero X. That was the next step in Saab interior design.

  36. Phew! 🙁

    I really don’t like “GM styled” radio and ACC panel. They make the car look very cheap. Nevertheless, I think GM is really trying to cut some costs by using these “global” radios and ACC panels in almost every car they can think of.

    Rotating knobs in Saab’s ACC. NOT! As far as I can remember, Saab has always used digital display with red/blue buttons (red means warmer, blue is colder). Volvo has quite always used these rotating knobs in their ACC panel and that’s one of the reasons I don’t like Volvo’s instrument panel design.

  37. Dear Guys, you are all wrong, this interior will make a difference in sales, it all ready does in the 9-5, but this dash looks great, and will increase sales rates just like we need them to raise, so stop crying and just LIKE SAAB! Greetings from a Dutch sales department!

  38. I’m glad if they forget those cheep feeling of the aluminium-like-plastic parts. It was terrible for a Saab.
    The colors and the covers of the dashboard seem to be nice.
    I would be surprised if anybody able to distinguish this interior from an another brand. It has no unique Saab character.
    All the REAL scandinavian traditions of Saab are died just now, when they decided to close the engine factory in Soedertaelje. :(((
    RIP, Saab! :(((

  39. I say, thank goodness they changed the 9-3 interior. It’s always looked like a dog’s breakfast of 3 or 4 concepts mashed together and stirred around; it’s one of the things that’s always kept me away from the car.

    And why is it bad for the 9-3 interior to mimic the 9-5? That’s SOP in the car biz, creating a design family.

  40. Phred,
    It’s bad, because the 9-5 can’t give the traditional Saab feeling at all.
    I use Saabs since 1996, starting with an OG900(1986), then a NG900(1995), then now a 9-3(2000). They all have a strong, easy to recognize style. These new Saabs are just like an another brand car in their category with a Saab badge…

  41. I truly cannot stand the new video set. It is not SAAB. I guess I will move my MY04 video assy to a MY07 if I can.

  42. I wish GM would leave Saab to the Swedes’. I had one loved it got it in Sweden.
    The 95 is a GM quick fix.
    I have a Caddy too. Let GM work on the American products. Leave SAAB alone. I would love to go back to one again. BUT GM has to stop their input. I work with electronic technology. America, is light years behind, and the big guys want us to stay that way. Why give Americans more when they will pay big buck for what they BELIVE is the best. Just travel outside of America and you will see quickly. THINK SAAB

  43. i have a friend that owns a 2 door saab and the year is a 1995 and it is a 900se. the problem is that when he starts his car he has to open the door and start it that way what can he do to fix it till he takes it in to be looked at?

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