9-3 SportCombi “Pheles” the love

Whilst the new 9-5 is (unfortunately) not settting the review pages on fire, the 9-3 SportCombi Aero is becoming a firm favourite with the motoring press. And deservedly so.

This latest review of the SportCombi is a pretty important one as it comes right from the heart of Motor City.

Mark Phelan, automotive writer for the Detroit Free Press, puts a 9-3SC Aero through it’s paces. I like Mark because he likes Saabs. It’s great when someone gets it. I’ve got to get into one of these for a weekend, and soon.

Some of Mark’s love:

I expect a good sport sedan to feel light and nimble — to drive smaller than it really is.

Lively acceleration and responsive handling are hallmarks of the best sport sedans, cars like the BMW 3-series. I don’t generally expect that sensation in a station wagon, even one with the word “sport” in its name, but the 2006 Saab 9-3 SportCombi wagon delivers the goods.

I’ve thought of the 9-3 as a worthy 3-series contender ever since I first drove the Sports Sedan in 2003. Call me optomistic, but that car drove amazingly well on that first drive and my time in a 9-3 Vector on a track day last year only confirmed that opinion. I can’t imagine the SportCombi being that much different, and having driven the V6 in a sedan, I can understand Phelan feelin good about it.

His final words are encouraging and ones that I’m sure will be fulfilled in time.

Saab pioneered front-wheel-drive, and the company remains committed to it. However, as it builds more powerful and sporty models, Saab would be smart to add a good all-wheel-drive system so drivers can take full advantage of its cars’ powerful engines and excellent chassis.

The review is well worth your time.

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  1. I saw a SportCombi on the street a couple of days ago, in white. The design is attractive and quite fresh.

    I normally dislike white cars – white shows every curve without adding any texture or depth. The epitomé of “white makes cars look bad” is the Acura MDX SUV — in white it looks like a refrigerator on its side. And now every time I see a MDX in any color, I think “refrigerator.”

    This is a long-way around to saying that a car is truly good-looking if it looks good in white.

    And the 9-3SC looks quite nice in white.

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