Barber Saab video

For those of you that have some time….

This one goes for around 23 minutes or so. It’s a video from the Barber Saab racing series back in 1987. Some entertaining racing with some sliding around on a dusty street circuit.

If you want to take one lesson from this video, here it is: If you’re racing and the yellow flag is out, it’s a really good idea to s l o w d o w n.

Another funny bit is when you find out that the kid in the first accident (before the yellow) is the son of one of the commentators.

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  1. Swade, Glad you posted this. I watched it before but somehow missed the crash.
    I got two laughs: One when the first commentator said that the drivers pay for the damage, and the second commentator (whose son had crashed) said “or a relative.”
    I think that explained the rude remark of the second commentator after the first commentator said “look at all the parts laying around”, and the second commentator said “I can very well see all the parts laying around! You don’t need to point them out to me!”

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