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I published the press release on this one a few weeks ago and now we have some pictures from an actual BFJ tour event, thanks to Ryan in Washington DC. Ryan attended the airshow at Andrews Air Force Base:

I just got back from the Air Show here at Andrews Air Force Base (Same one where Air Force One is) here in Washington, D.C. and I got to tell you, very impressive Saab Display….

….There were 2 booths. The large booth and the small tent as you will see in the photos. There were women on microphones bringing people in among the display, doing its job in getting interest in the brand. There were a lot of people signing pamphlets to win a 2007 Saab 9-3 Convertible.

Everything was great there! They even had a large TV screen inside that had a number of Saab videos being looped.

Lastly, there was a nice display for the Saab Aero Academy with brochures for all of the military discounts.

Great stuff, good venue! I think it will work!

I think this type of grass-roots stuff can be pretty effective. Here’s hoping. No word from Ryan on the subject but apparently the performance drving team is supposed to be attending a lot of these shows too.

If any one else attended, please feel free to drop your thoughts on what you saw in comments. meanwhile, here’s some photos from the event.


UPDATE: The Saab Performance Team weren’t actually scheduled to appear at this show (my bad). They will be appearing at a bunch of other shows though, and you can check out the schedule by clicking here.

Ryan also adds that Saab apparently tried to get a Gripen jet for the show, but the local guy who had one wanted a $25K fee (plus incidentals), which blew the budget. My question: who owns their own Gripen jet fighter??


Saab BFJ Andrews 5.jpg


Saab BFJ Andrews 4.jpg


Saab BFJ Andrews 3.jpg


Saab BFJ Andrews 6.jpg


Saab BFJ Andrews 1.jpg

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  1. There’s no one that has a “personal” Gripen since it’s still in active military service. But there is a US guy that has a J-35 Draken that he’s bought from the Austrian airforce when they took them out of service.

  2. I was in the States recently at my son’s graduation. There were c. 500 being ‘graduated’ plus their families. These events happen all across the country. No sign of Saab at the ceremony though Saab recons it has the highest number of graduate owners. It’s good to open a new audience via aero shows but why ignore your present owner base? Part of the reason for the success of Saab sales in the UK may be due to placing ads in magazines such as New Scientist and Private Eye, organs usually read by graduates. They support Rugby Union in England as well, though I’m not sure about the graduate/toff link.

    There was good coverage of the Aero X in the May edition of Motor Trend but no Saab ad, so what’s the usual Saab ad coverage in the US?.

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